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Friday, May 22, 2009


Total, complete and utter disaster. I have lost my mouse book. I had this wonderful little journal that I bought from Kreativlink that I kept all my mouse ideas in, and its gone!

I have searched the whole house for it, I think I must have left it in a café. Someone is going to be very confused when they open it.

It just has lists of ideas for mice I want to make like:
Dalek Mouse
Mouse Chess Set
Terminator Mouse
Fireman Mouse
Zodiac Mice
For pages and pages and pages! Some of them were suggestions other people had made to me too, and now all the ideas are gone.

Can you help me make a new list by suggesting mice you would like to see in my store? Fortunately I have another of Kreativlink's journals that I can put the new ideas in, this one will not be leaving the house!


  1. Oh no! I've always wanted to keep an "idea book" and KreativLink's journals are gorgeous!

    I would love to see Lord of the Ring's inspired mice in your shop - some elfin mice, dwarf mice, etc. I think that would be too cute!

  2. How horrible! I would feel like I've lost a child! *Hugs her sketchbook*

  3. Oh Anna I'm so sorry to hear that :( Maybe you should put your name and address in the back of the journal so there *could* be a chance to get it back. Just in case...I suggested a Marie Antoinette mouse some time ago, would love to see it. Or a Queen Elizabeth I. mouse. Or national mice: Spanish, Portuguese, German etc. they'd be really cute. Or Astromouse. Seems that I have lots of ideas :)

  4. Drat. Do try ringing the cafes you might have left it in, they often hold on to items left behind.

  5. I sure hope it will turn up. I can imagine how awful it is to have lost this!!! Have you made a cheerleader mouse or a gymnast mouse? skydiver mouse?

  6. I'm sorry. I would feel so vulnerable if I left my idea book behind.

  7. Hope you get your journal back! I think Wizard of Oz mice set would be really cute (so many people love that movie), Disney princess mice too (my daughter would adore them!)

  8. OMG, I'm so sorry you lost your idea book! I hope you can locate it.
    How 'bout Alice In Wonderland mice, or Peter Pan, I love those stories. Ooh, or Dolly Parton! XD

  9. That stinks, Love! I have lost a sketch book once and cried (literally) for weeks. :(

    The Wizard of Oz and the Disney princesses sound adorable!

    I would LOVE to see some punk rock mice, though. Like maybe Ramones inspired? Social Distortion? Or even Misfits. I'd definitely get some of those!

    What about a cop or firefighter mouse? Clown/circus mice? Sesame street mice....a little Abby Cadabby would be TOO much! LOL What about mice dressed up for Halloween? Like a mouse in a cat costume? Backyardigans mice? Football player mice? Snowmen mice? Santa and Mrs Claus mice? Twilight mice (that book series/movie is ALL the rage right now!). What about a little bee mouse - that would be cute!

    Ok - my brain hurts now, so I think I'm done....for now! :)

  10. OH! I did forget to say that zodiac mice would be ABSOLUTELY adorable!

  11. I'm so sorry...!!!!!
    I don't know if Peter Pan is in your shop... but I'd love to see him it if not!!!!

  12. OH my goodness!! my heart goes out to you.... I have a bad habit of writing my ideas on scrap paper..I know I need a journal for this...I lose my ideas all the time but what if I lost ALL of them at once? aarrgghhh.....

    You could do a series of mice in food costumes like a mouse burger...bottle of ketchup....soft drink? hehehe

    All the best on your new ideas, I hope your lost journal gets to follow you home.

  13. How about mice dressed in animal clothing? For example a mouse dressed as a wolf, a cat, an elephant, etc.
    A mouse with a flower around its head (like have its head poke out the center of a daisy, that sort of thing).
    A mouse in an egg for Easter?
    A 'stork' mouse, bringing a baby for a baby shower gift?
    Okay, maybe I'm not as clever as I thought! I hope you find your book soon :)


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