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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Theme Feature - Spiral

I am hypnotized by all these beautiful spirals...
I hope you enjoy these great artists.

Smoke in Blue - 8x10 Print
by idletype

The Spiral of Dream (from The Lost Key series)
by TheNebulousKingdom

white storm . headband
by pandacub

Postcard - Sunburst
by lindabutterfly

by trotalo

Eye of Shiva Shell Ring
by Star of the East

Would like to see one of your items featured on Life, Craftiness and Everything Else? Leave a comment and tell me which of these items you love the most!


  1. I love Smoke in Blue. Besides loving the bright blue, I also think the transparent color creates an ethereal mood. And, it's just plain pretty!

  2. wow .. the smoke in blue IS a amazing .. I also really like the yellow 'postcard' too!

    thanks for sharing :D

  3. all very lovely works. the first piece of blue swirls is mesmerising.

  4. Thank you so much for the swirly feature :D
    And I love Anne Julie, the Nebulous Kingdom!

  5. Anna, thank you for featuring the postcard "Sunburst" in your blog.

    Each of those rays is made of glass, and each ray is created separately and then built into the whole sculpture. It is glorious and I was fortunate to be allowed to get a certain angle to photograph it.

  6. Thank you so very much for featuring my print :) Love your features!

  7. That first picture is just stunning, but I also love The Nebulous Kingdom's spiral :)
    Great picks Anna!

  8. So hard to chose! I really like The Spiral of Dream (from The Lost Key series)
    by TheNebulousKingdom

  9. I love the Sunburst postcard, bright and cheerful and full of fun!

  10. My favourite is Blue Smoke followed by sunburst.

  11. I love the Smoke In Blue the best as well! Its so exciting that something of nature can be so incredibly precise and intricate. That moves me every time!

  12. I love, LOVE The Spiral of Dream by The Nebulous Kingdom! I just hearted her shop.

    All these spiral items are great. Nice picks Anna!

  13. I love smoke in blue. I instantly wanted to know more about it. Beautiful.

  14. I love the blue swirl the best. It is just mesmerizing! Donna~

    I would love to have a feature on this ring. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23043849

  15. My fav is Vertigo by trotalo. I just love the endless swirls =)


  16. Vertigo really speaks to me. I love how it shows architecture's link to nature.


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