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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Only ONE day left to WIN a mouse!

Just a little reminder that there are just ONE DAY left for you to enter my May Giveaway and win yourself a free mouse of your choice from my store!

To enter just click HERE and leave a comment, you can comment as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning!


  1. Your mice are just too cute! I love the Mr and Mrs mouse!

  2. Wow, several of my guinea pig (and human) friends have recomended that I browse through your store, and I must say- All of your mice look great!

    -Phineas Phig

  3. These are sooo fun! :) I really like Axel the Executioner Mouse - he strikes my funny bone :)

  4. The lovely Doctor Who Mouse is waiting to travel to my house. I'm waiting for him to arrive. He will love living with me and I'll love having him here!

  5. I love mice as I'm born in the year of mouse and used to collect some mice. All the mice are so adorable, unique and creative! I like Gossamer Moondancer the Fairy Mouse. I love anything with wings like angels.

  6. I LOVE your mouse characters. Looks like fun to make them.


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