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Friday, September 28, 2012

I love... scarves!

There is definitely a chill in the air as Autumn comes right on time.  A perfect moment to dig out my favourite scarves! This post has special meaning to me because of something lovely that happened earlier this month:

A few weeks ago I posted a link on my facebook profile to a fabulous handmade scarf by VitalTemptation simply saying "I wish I had the money for this", as money is tight for us right now it was not a wish I was expecting to come true, but I wanted to share the beauty of this handmade creation anyway. But that evening, my super-kind friend Apol - who I have known for years online but have never met in real life - took it upon herself to raise the money with our Etsy friends (and some I did not know!) to buy it for me. 11 people all donated $10 or more towards buying this scarf!

This selfless act of kindness simply to "make Anna smile" has touched me so deeply! Not only do I now have this amazing handmade scarf all the way from New York, but I also have a constant reminder of the love of my friends and the kindness of my fellow humans. Especially in this time of my life it means so much. I get comments every time I wear it. You can see from my face how happy it makes me to wear it!

Here are my 3 favourite scarves from listings on Etsy right now, for all those that love a really beautiful scarf like I do. (click on image for more information about each scarf) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blaze the Firefighter Mouse

Blaze is a brave firefighter mouse, trained to protect mice from fire, rescue babys from burning buildings and even rescue the local cat from the highest branch of a tree (although if he is honest he would rather be in a burning building than trying to carry a cat down a ladder). Blaze wears his firefighters uniform with luminous yellow stripes, he holds and axe in his paws and wears a red firemans hat with the number 6 on it.

Completely hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads and various other materials, he is stuffed with polyfi and stands approximately 2.5inches / 6.5cm tall.

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