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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My latest creations

Little Hannibal Lecter Mouse would like to eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. You'd better make sure he stays in his mask and straitjacket! This creepy little mouse is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good horror/thriller movie.

Little Frida Kahlo Mouse comes complete with her signature unibrow, flowers in her hair and traditional Mexican dress. She has in her hands a photo of herself and Diego Rivera, the love of her life, which she carried with her everywhere.


"It's one small step for mouse...
one giant leap for mouse kind!"

This little Astronaut Mouse dreams of floating in zero gravity and going where no mouse has gone before! He comes complete with astronaut's helmet (made from a ping-pong ball) and he has a little American flag on his shoulder! He is the perfect gift for anyone who dreams of becoming an Astronaut!


Little Indiana Mouse loves to go on adventures and find hidden treasure! As handsome as his human counterpart, he comes complete with hat, gun holster, bag and whip.

Little Elvis Mouse is The King. He wears his signature white costume with high collar, decorated with beads. He has a black quif in his hair and a microphone in his hand. He is the perfect gift for any Elvis fan.

Little Dumble Dormouse comes complete with long white hair and beard, wand, purple robes and hat decorated with golden stars.


All mice stand approximately 3.5 inches tall (6.5 cm)

All are hand sewn. Costumes and accessories are not removable.

Please see my store for more information


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