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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goals #3

My car decided to be highly uncooperative and break down in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic last Thursday, it is still at the garage a week later. I can't believe how difficult life is without a car! It is especially difficult at the moment because the buses in my area are on strike so i cannot get into town at all. I could cycle, although being a Brit i was not born with a bicycle attached like the locals here in Holland. Unfortunately for me i live the opposite end of the village from the town center and i am just not up for cycling for 45 minutes each way until I desperately need something. The garage where my car is being repaired has been telling me my car "will be ready tomorrow" for the last 3 days! I keep putting off going to the shops until i can have it back. i hope it will be with me again soon!

Goals for tomorrow:
1) Update stock inventory
2) Make list of mice I need to replace or I have low in stock
3) Make 1 set of 6 replacement mouse design
4) redesign my Banner and Avatar for Etsy
5) Relist 2 mice on Etsy

Assuming I have my car back:
6) Make list of supplies I need
7) Go to craft shop and stock up on supplies

If my car is still being fixed:
6) make 3 more replacement mice

Goals for today:
1) Make 1 new mouse
2) Do promotional stuff for new mouse
3) Read Chapter 2 of Joomla! User guide
4) Relist 1 mouse on Etsy
5) Update stock inventory
6) Make labels for consignment order
7) Complete mice for consignment order
8) Put together consignment order inventory and print it out
9) Make Treasury

Goals for this week:
1) Make 2 new mice.
2) Install Joomla!
3) Make contact again with the 2 consignment shops that have expressed an interest in my store.
4) Update receipts and account books
5) Update stock inventory
6) Fix printer
7) Make Trunkt account (got rejected, boo!)
8) Deliver consignment order
9) Make list of mice I need to replace or I have low in stock
10) Restocking mice, make 2 x 6 of the same.

Goals for June:
1) Print up and put together a professional portfolio or catalog of my mice to show to shop owners
2) Design a brochure (also for shop presentations)
3) Make 8 new mice
4) Find a new place to advertise
5) redesign my Banner and Avatar for Etsy
6) get quote for studio refurbishment

Goals for 2008:
1) Complete refurbishment of my craft studio
2) Have a fully working and professional looking website

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