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Sunday, June 15, 2008

About Life, Craftinesss and Everything Else

I am Anna. I am 31 year old Brit living in The Netherlands. I'm a creator of paintings, drawings, toys and anything else that grabs my interest. I believe that creativity in any of its forms is a reason for being, and the artists' way is the path I have chosen to walk. I am a child at heart and love all those who share my joy in cuteness! I love to blog about my store and other artists that interest me. I also love to give back to the handmade community by writing tutorials and How-tos on running a handmade business.

Life, Craftiness and Everything Else
My blog is called Life, Craftiness and Everything Else because I really could end up writing about life, the universe and everything else! I want to share my ideas, life and the things I have learned here, so it felt right to choose a name that could encompass just about everything!

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