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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning Goals #1

OK so I'm back now. I have been neglecting my blog but that is going to change soon. Due to my tendency to just focus of the fun things in my business I have decided to start setting myself goals, and just to make it feel more official I am going to write them in my blog every day.

Thanks to some advice from a web designing friend I have been introduced to Joomla! which is a free Content Management System for building your own website. My wonderful husband Mike was kind enough to install this for me last night - the installation was way beyond anything I am capable of - so one of my weekly goals is already completed. yay!

Goals for this month:
1) Print up and put together a professional portfolio or catalog of my mice to show to shop owners
2) Design a brochure (also for shop presentations)
3) Make 8 new mice
4) Find a new place to advertise
5) redesign my Banner and Avatar for Etsy
6) get quote for studio refurbishment

Goals for this week:
1) Make 2 new mice.
2) Install Joomla!
3) Make contact again with the 2 consignment shops that have expressed and interest in my store.
4) Update receipts and account books
5) Update stock inventory
6) Fix printer
7) Make Trunkt account

Goals for today:
1) Make 1 new mouse
2) Do promotional stuff for new mouse (deviantart, flikr, myspace, facebook, Ning networks)
2) Relist 1 mouse on Etsy
3) Read first chapter of Joomla! users guide
4) update finances
5) 2 forum posts on Etsy


  1. Looks great! Good luck with it!
    That said, why am I here and not busy working? *lol*

  2. Well the good intent is there! And it is always good to state it publicly so there is pressure to actually do it as well :-)


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