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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goals #8

Goals for today

  1. Make replacement chef mice (5)
  2. Make new mouse (Violin Mouse)
  3. Make new mouse (Hulk Mouse)
  4. Marketing for new mice
  5. Invite more friends on MySpace
  6. Make 5 youTube videos and upload
  7. Design 2 more pages of catalog

Goals for yesterday
I set myself too many goals yesterday, I can't make that many mice in one day and still have time for marketing.

  1. Make 1 custom mouse and second
  2. Marketing for new mouse
  3. Make replacement chef mice (6)
  4. Make replacement punk mice (6)
  5. Invite more friends on MySpace
  6. Invite more friends on Facebook
  7. Experiment with using sewing machine for part of making mouse bodies

Goals for this week

  1. Make 2 new mice
  2. Make 24 replacement stock mice (6 so far)
  3. Make 15 youTube videos
  4. Read rest of book on business
  5. Finish designing catalog
  6. Contact wax seal designer again
  7. Contact shop in NY again

Goals for last week

  1. Make 2 new mice
  2. Make 10 replacement mice
  3. Try to design banner for website
  4. Read half of my new book on business for handmade sellers
  5. Reorganize my house

Goals for June

  1. Print up and put together catalog of my mice to show to shop owners
  2. Make 8 new mice (5 so far)
  3. Find a new place to advertise
  4. redesign my Banner and Avatar for Etsy
  5. Make 30 youTube Videos (4 so far)
  6. Save money to pay for website
  7. Order custom wax seal for certificates of authenticity
  8. Design Certificates of authenticity

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