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Monday, July 26, 2010

NEW - Jules Winnfield Mouse

That's right everyone, the 6 new mice that we are releasing this week are from the cult film Pulp Fiction! Congratulations to Swee who guessed right in our Mini-Giveaway! You win a free mouse pin.

All of these new mice were designed and made by Naomi and are her first mice for our store. I am so proud her creativity, and I know you will be impressed with her work as you see each new mouse this week.

Here is the first: Jules Winnfield Mouse.

Little Jules Winnfield Mouse is a hardened gangster hitmouse, working for the notorious Mousellus Wallace. He used to enjoy quoting cold-blooded bible passages before popping caps in... various places... But since a particular incident that was unquestionably a miracle, he's realised that he's had enough of the gangster life, and has decided to "walk the earth" instead.

Jules Winnfield Mouse was hand sewn using felt, ribbon, card, paper, glue, monofilament and stuffed with polyfil. The text on the wallet he is holding says "bad mother ..." (we can't see the last word, his paw is covering it). He stands approximately 2.5inches tall (6.5cm)

See more pics HERE


  1. Hahahaha the likeness is awesome! What a great idea to make such a collection of moviestarmice!!!
    Naomi, congratz dear on your first mice for the shop. It's really great to see your work. The description ALSO steals my heart! ;-)
    Swee, congratz on winning the pin!

  2. hahahahhhaha I love your mice so much... this one is awsome!!!

  3. yesss! thats one bad mofo of a mouse


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