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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly Happy Stats

Things that made me happy last week, by Anna:
  • Watching Naomi creating her very first new mouse designs for our store.
  • Listening to my baby boy discover "Ba" and "Ga" sounds.
  • Making up a new batch of Naked Mice which are gazing up at me waiting for their destinies.
  • Albert Einstein Mouse's moustache.
  • An hour long cuddle/nap together with my baby.
  • Friday night dinner at the Hard Rock CafĂ©.

Things that made me happy last week, by Naomi:
  • Sending my first batch of mice to Anna.
  • Writing my first Creative Space blog post and really "joining in" with The House of Mouse business.
  • Sewing, sewing, sewing!!
  • Spending the weekend with my gorgeous stepdaughter.
  • Watching my friendship with Nancy grow, and being promised such a sweet gift of a beautiful pendant of her artwork!
  • Going two full days without changing a single pooey nappy!!! Not sure how I managed that! ;-)

Happy photo by meg price



  1. What a busy week you both had (and love the idea of going 2 days without changing a pooey nappy, Naomi!)

  2. Hehehe Erika, it was a rare treat :-)))


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