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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini Giveaway!

You're probably wondering where our new mouse for this week is... Well, we have been so busy this week making not one, not two, but SIX new mice that we're taking a rest today and we'll list them over the course of next week.

Each of the 6 new mice are characters from the same cult film... can you guess which one? We'll send a free mouse pin to the first person to guess right!


  1. Does the new Alice in Wonderland movie already count as cult film?

  2. Pulp Fiction?
    Nightmare Before Christmas?
    The 6th Sense?

  3. I agree with mruna - it's got to be twilight!

  4. Maybe its not twilight after all...coz you've already done edward and bella(saw in your flicker)...u should give a hint maybe like when was the movie released!
    Could be alice in wonderland (if that's considered cult) but you already have an alice mouse!

  5. I am total blunkers at guessing games...grease?

  6. I'm guessing Toy Story ... it would be perfect timing with the release of the new film! :)

    or perhaps The Matrix? Neo and co would be so cool!

  7. Well you don't have much longer to wait, the first of the new mice will be released tomorrow!! Wonderful guesses, everyone... Those we haven't done yet will doubtless make their way to our "to-do" list soon enough!! ;-)


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