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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NEW - Mia Wallace Mouse

Here is the 3rd of Naomi's Pulp Fiction Mice. Little Mia Wallace Mouse, we hope you are enjoying this collection!

Silly Mia Wallace Mouse has got herself into a bit of a pickle. Luckily, Vincent Vega Mouse came to her rescue and injected her with adrenaline, straight in the heart, which has made her feel as bright as a button again. Now all they have to do is make sure her husband, Mousellus, doesn't find out about it, or they'd both be in a heap of trouble...

Mia Wallace Mouse was hand sewn using felt, ribbon, card, wire, modeling clay, glue, monofilament and stuffed with polyfil. She stands approximately 2.5inches tall (6.5cm) her costume is not removable.

More photos HERE


  1. Ahhaha, how fun new mouse, congrats!

  2. I just saw this movie on t.v last night!

  3. Another great Mousy! This series is wonderful Anna and Naomi!
    I enjoy this so much! thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks guys :-) Sassy, isn't it wonderful? So many funny moments of genius in this movie, that's why it is my favorite film ;-)


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