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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW - Vincent Vega Mouse

Hi there, it's Naomi here, Anna has allowed me the pleasure of listing and introducing this new mouse today. He's a bit special to me really, and he completes a classic double-act with Jules Winnfield Mouse.

As you all know now, the new set of mice this week are characters from the movie Pulp Fiction. You may not know that I chose this set of mice as my first new creations for The House of Mouse because this happens to be my favourite movie! And a few of you will know that I named my son Vincent, too. Not exactly after this character, but his coolness in the movie did help ;-)

So may I introduce our second offering from this cult classic movie: Vincent Vega Mouse.

Vincent Vega Mouse is one of Mousellus Wallace's closest companions. He carries out all kinds of duties for the mob leader, including spending plenty of time in Amsterdam (where even the strongest cheese is legal!) and taking good care of Mrs Mia Wallace. He is carrying his current favourite novel, which he loves to read while on the toilet. He definitely does not watch television. He's the perfect gift for any Pulp Fiction fan, or anyone who likes Quentin Tarantino or John Travolta.

Vincent Vega Mouse was hand sewn using felt, ribbon, card, paper, glue, monofilament and stuffed with polyfil. The title of the book he is reading is "Modesty Blaise". He stands approximately 2.5inches tall (6.5cm).

See more pics HERE


  1. haahahahahah love it!!!!! you're awsome!

  2. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
    Really great! :)

  3. Vincents ARE cool!! Another great Mousy! I bet Mr. Tarantino would LOL!!!


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