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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space - Then and Now

For my first My Creative Space post, I thought I would take you back to the very beginning. To the first mouse I ever made... here she is. I just named her "Granny Mouse", as you can see my sewing skills left a lot to be desired! And the fishing line I used for her whiskers was waaaay too thick. But I learned a lot from making her, and I still keep her in my studio so she can watch over all the mice as I make them. She is kind of a Matriarch.

For the fun of a comparison, here is the latest mouse I made: Albert Einstein Mouse: just over 2.5 years span the making of Granny Mouse and Albie Mouse, it's nice to see that I learned a few tricks in that time!

Since this is a My Creative Space post, I felt I should actually show you where I work. The first photo is of me in 2008, back when my studio was in major need of refurbishment. Oh how skinny I was then (before I had a baby!)

Here's my studio today, after the refurbish and much tidier too. I decided not to include myself in this pic - I couldn't stand the comparison on Me!

I hope you have enjoyed having a nose around my studio!

Want to play the Creative Space game with us?
Visit Kootoyoo's blog!



  1. Wow its a awesome share post i like that thanks for share this great post with us.
    Nice blog.

  2. Hi Anna,
    love your space! very tidy and inspiring!

  3. Granny mouse is so sweet, it's so nice to see how your skills have improved over time! That is a small army of mice I spy behind you in that first photo!

  4. haha - i can see jars of ears, legs and hands LOL

  5. Great space, and it is nice to see how you have evolved with your mice.
    ...and don't worry about the baby weight! Declan is still very young, it took 9 months to put on, it will take time to come off, but you will do it, just don't stress about it. I'm sure you still look good - besides, the weight is what allowed Declan to come into this world healthy and strong - be proud of it, you're a mommy! :)


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