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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

To make an Etsy Treasury really special,
choose listings that mean something to you.

Sometimes, even though I want to make a Treasury, I just can't think of a decent theme to tie it all together. I bet I'm not the only one! I realised recently that if I make a Treasury based on my feelings or my life situation at the time, it often flows really well. It has more of a 'meaning' to me, and it's easier to spot the items that fit in with my 'feeling' (like a Moodboard!) than it is to randomly look for items that might look good together.

Also, this way, if it does make it to the Front Page, I'd be sharing a bit of my life or my soul with thousands and thousands of people. That's pretty cool!

The first Treasury that I made for The House of Mouse.

Much love,
Naomi xx

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  1. I agree with that wise tip! :D

  2. always best

    the truth will always out


  3. I love that treasury! Those pinks and greens were my grandmother's favorite colors! Your tip is a great thing to keep in mind!


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