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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space: First parcel from the UK

Hi there, it's Naomi here, I'd like to share my Creative Space with you today!
This week we sold a Graduate Mouse to someone in the UK. It was the 1001st sale at The House of Mouse, and as it was going to a UK buyer, we agreed that it would be best for me to make and send it from my UK studio. It's the first time we've done that since I joined the team; so far, all of my mice have been sent to Anna's studio in Holland to join their mousie friends before being sent on to their adoptive families. But I was definitely ready for this one to be totally my responsibility, so Anna bravely trusted me to take care of it!

Here's the very mouse I made:

Here he is jumping into his little box for postage:

And here's my very first parcel put together for a sale:

Is it silly that I was ridiculously excited?! ;-)

I can't wait for the next 1000 sales, and to really make my mark on The House of Mouse!

Naomi xx

P.S. Hop on over to Kootoyoo's blog for more Creative Spaces.


  1. Well done, Naomi!! Your package looks wonderful and I am sure the mouse's new family will be thrilled!

  2. Naomi, you did a brilliant job with your first package for THOM. I couldn't be more proud. I am sure our customer will be thrilled with your mouse!
    x Anna

  3. lovely package!...the mouse looks a bit afraid, so alone in her little box...anyway, she is graduated, she will come through the journey well!

  4. what an adorable parcel!Congrats on your first parcel too.

  5. Congrats on your first parcel! It's a special feeling. :D

  6. Congratulations, Naomi!
    Both, the package and the mouse, look wonderful! ;)


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