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Monday, August 16, 2010

1000 sales and a very special giveaway

Today we had our 1000th sale on Etsy!! We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our customers, friends and fans for their support over the last 2 years. It has been such an amazing journey so far, and we both feel that there is so much more to come.

To celebrate we are giving away a very special, one of a kind mouse to whomever we feel deserves her most. This little mouse is called Miss Universe Mouse, she is covered in diamonds and pearls, wears a beautiful tiara and carries some very pretty white roses. She is the only one of her kind that will ever be made.

If you would like to win her, please leave a comment telling us why you feel you should be the one to adopt her. Are you a big (the biggest?) fan of The House of Mouse? Tell us why!

The competition will be open for a week. Good luck!

x Anna and Naomi x

Giveaway closed.
Winner to be announced soon!


  1. CONGRATS on your 1000 Sales that is absolutely fantastic!!!!
    She is toooo cute :D

  2. ahhh she would be the perfect match for our gladiator !!!

  3. I think I should win as I have entered all give aways and haven't won so far but never gave up :D
    Money is a bit tight or I would have started my Mouse collection, but hopefully this pretty lady will be the first of many :)
    Super congrats on the great milestone, may many more follow!

  4. That is such a fun and fitting mouse! Of course I should win as my winter nearly starts and I then need all the light she will radiate :)

    Oh and congrats of course!

  5. Congrats! What a cute miss universe :)
    I think that Star of the East should win if she has entered that many giveaways!

  6. Congratulations! I have been collecting mice since I was 2; I'm 37 now! I love mice so much and yours are adorable. You created a mouse of me that was a gift from my sister (calligrapher mouse.) This mouse would look so cute sitting next to ME on a shelf of honor! :) I love mice and they have always been my favorite animals. In fact, my mom told me that when I was born, I had a gray birthmark on my back that looked like a mouse but it went away around the age of 2, as well.

  7. Ooooh she is so pretty!. Does she want world peace too?
    Of course I'd like to have her here, and she would be in good company with my 12 cats...hmmm come to think of it she might not enjoy it much...but I'd still like to have her around.

  8. Congratulations! That little mousie is just so pretty ...I actually had a similar kind of dress when i was younger!
    I would love to win this mouse..its seriously brought back a lot of memories...I remember when i was younger i used to watch the Miss Universe and miss world paegants and i did think then that maybe one day when i grow up i would enter and win the title! :D I had totally forgotten all that!Thanks to miss universe here for the nostalgic trip!

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  9. Congratulations on 1000 sales! She is very pretty and I hope I win her...I'm not very good at promoting myself, but I'll try...I've loved the House of Mouse for as long as I've known it existed (my two years as an Etsian just passed, and I discovered HOM not long after I joined). I've entered the giveaways, to no avail, but still keep trying. HOM is an inspiration to me to keep trying with my business. I'm little, but I won't give up!
    Also, I would love to give this mouse to my mom...I used to give her porcelain mouse figurines from a company that has now gone out of business and I would love to start giving her mice again as little gifts...only this time from the House of Mouse! It is a little thing that connects us as we live an hour apart and don't get to see each other often. Giving little gifts reminds us of the other every time we see them :)
    I would love to have a little army of HOM mice all over my house and hers...instead of being the crazy cat ladies, I say my mom and I should become the crazy (House of Mouse) mice ladies!

  10. Beautiful comments everyone, keep them coming :-) It will be so hard to choose but wonderful to hear from you all!
    Thank you all for your fandom!


  11. I just love this wonderful mousie.....and I think she should go to the best "keeper" for her. I am not saying I am the one, that would be very selfish. I am looking for the best life for this lovely Lady. I see a lot of honest longing from Estella, and she doesnt give up but is not pushy. If my opinion is appreciated, I would say this lovely mouse better travels to Turkey soon!
    Nancy xxx

  12. Congrats! What a beautiful little mouse she is. I have a little sister who would just love her to death :)

  13. Anna,
    Had to enter this contest love. I am one of the biggest HOM fans because I really relate to the unique ones such as Boba Fett, Gollum, and Hamiko. The mice insipre me in so many ways. I would love this little lady because I used to have the nickname Princess in my senior year of high school. I was given this nickname by Dennis Jory my humanities teacher. I recall the first day I rolled into his class. Dennis bowed down before me and asked if I was related to Cleopatra because I was so gorgeous. He then asked me if he could call me Princess for the rest of the year. It stuck for longer than that. Dennis still calls me Princess whenever we see one another in Palm Springs. He has become a dear friend and inspired me to mentor other disabled young people. This was before Princess became a moniker for little girls. Dennis made me feel beautiful in my own skin.
    Much love,
    Nikki PS. Eek EEk! Elegant Princess mouse Miss Uni seeks handsome frog prince mouse tagged Federico the Fabulous for 1000 more nights of frivolity. You may have created a pandemic of panic for Miss uni. Please consider making more of Miss Uni for purchase for all the little girls and old gals around the globe! She is simply adorable!
    Much love,

  14. Isn't Nancy an angel??!!
    Thanks so much :)

  15. Congratulations!!!! 1,000 sales is a great achievement. And thank you for the giveaway for the super cute Mouse.

    People say that I am crazy sometimes. I talk to myself, to the trees, grass, fabrics, sewing machine, needles, etc. Sometimes they talk back, other times I feel they respond but hot verbally. If I have this super cute Mouse, she will have me as the best company. I will play with her, talk to her, ask her questions, tell her stories. We will make good friends.

  16. Congratulations! Wow, a whole 1000!

    I'm actually entering this contest on the behalf of a certain mouse gentleman who has been sitting on my shelf for about a decade. He's a bit lonely and I'm sure he'd appreciate the lovely company of Miss Universe Mouse; as would I, of course. ;)

  17. Wow, that is great on the 1000th sale, Mice!

    Miss Universe mouse, means she has a big duty to spread the love and peace around the world.

    If I have her, I will not keep her. In fact, I'll send it around to the ones who need her to brings sparks to their lives even for a second, minute, hour, day, week, or month. She will start off with one well-wished message from me, and each person who receives it will write a note on how much joy and experience they share with her, and that will be passed down from one person to the other.

    She will be doing what Miss Universe will do.

  18. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout (http://www.giveawayscout.com). Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog (http://www.giveawayscout.com/addblog/ ). thanks, Josh

  19. Anna,
    I forgot to send my congrats on the 1000th sale love!

    Miss Universe would be adored by all the male members of my Hom gallery!
    Much love,

  20. Ahh, she's beautiful... Do I deserve her? Probably not... but my little girl would love her - she's always talking about getting married and being dressed up like "Maria" Sound of Music - and this adorable Miss Universe reminds me of that. Of course, my little girl is 4 years old and not to be trusted with it - so I would have to put it on the shelf next to mom's and dad's Artist and Photographer mouses that we have... yup, so you could trust me with it ;)

    peace out, Melissa Daams

  21. I would love to win this mouse! Here is my story. A couple of years ago my mum met a man who changed our lives. I'm in my 30s, he was 80! He was a very special friend to my mother and he had a way of touching hearts that I had never seen in anybody. He also taught me so much about life and I grew to love him like a dad. I was getting married last May but sadly my friend was diagnosed with cancer in the October before, and he passed away in the December, four days before christmas and didn't make it to our wedding. He left us some money to spend on our wedding. It was a small amount and we decided that we would buy custom wedding mice from The House of Mouse (as I had already purchased three before and I love them). But upon request, custom mice were no longer available and I was so upset! But when I told my story to Anna, she so kindly agreed, and made the mice for us. They are fabulous, they now sit in our living room and when I look at them I think of my friend....

    If I were to win this unique mouse I would request that it go on sale in The House of Mouse shop and be under offer. The person with the highest offer would win the mouse and the money they pay for the mouse go to a cancer chartiy - The Macmillan Trust. I think it would be something nice I could give as a gesture to my friend in return for the time he gave us. Kind of like a pay it forward xxx

  22. She's gorgeous! I would like to vote for Catherine's (above) idea for the mouse.

  23. Sorry Estella, but I agree with Tessa!
    It would be such a great idea!

  24. Congrats! shes beautiful just as your shop and families are!!
    First off I have to say I love love love the house of mouse. anna--you have been such a dear friend to me and my shop/etsy would not be the same without you.
    I refer many people I meet to etsy and tell them to check out your cute little creations. I've had a few friends tell me how much they love them and have a few that even had made purchases.
    I've known anna since my DH deployment and at the time when I was blue you made my day by simply emailing me. I was so thrilled when you announced you were having a baby and read your emails/blog every chance I get. Now I share them with my husband who loves to read and see the newest creations.
    congrats to your sales and may you and your new partner have 1,000+ more

  25. Cos I love them so!

    I've been following your Mousey adventure for a while now, I thought I had a good chance to win last month but alas... the congrats email never came. However I won't ever give up. I've had a House of Mouse Mouse on my wishlist for so long now and one day it will happen... maybe today!

    Congrats on your milestone, let's break some cheese!

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  26. Anna,
    Draco and Gollum were just telling me today that they are pining for a fair damesel mouse to protect and Hamiko says that Miss Universe would give them a thrill so I told them I would try my best to win her for the family love!

  27. Anna,
    Draco asked me to pass along this letter of affection to his paramour,

    My dearest Miss Universe,
    If you come to live in the Roeder realm, I vow that I will devote myself to protcting you because my heart overflows like a waterfall when I think of you and you are too precious to come into harm's way. My colleage Gollum noticed my melancholy and suggested that I seek out a fair damsel to be the keeper of, when I saw your picture on Anna's blog I knew you had to be mine. So please come join me soon my love. I will be waiting for you.

    Draco the Dragon Mouse

    As you can see love Draco is smitten with Miss Universe.

  28. Anna,
    Now Azul is smitten for Miss universe love!
    Give Declan a hug for me!
    Much love,


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