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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Stats

Things that made Anna happy this week:
  • Combing out my dreadlocks and getting a nice new haircut
  • Declan's first tooth coming through
  • Receiving another package from Naomi full of amazing little mice
  • One of those new mice was a gift for me: a little Anna Mouse!

Things that made Naomi happy this week:

  • Making two perfect little chef mice!
  • Spending lots of time with my happy little family.
  • Putting together and sending my first mouse parcel from here in the UK.
  • Making good use of Karyn from releasesbyrufydoof's awesome Wednesday Wisdom advice from a couple of weeks ago, and putting vaseline around the nozzle of my glue tube to stop the glue blocking it up! Genius!
  • Releasing Spidey and Venom into the big wide world ;-)

Happy Pic of Naomi's family

1 comment:

  1. Lovely way to start Sunday reading your happy stats, Anna & Naomi! Thanks for sharing! x


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