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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom - Your Guide to Sharing the Wisdom

My Wednesday Wisdom: When listing an item on Etsy, the words in your title also act as tags, so try to use your 14 tags for other keywords to avoid doubling up and wasting them!


What is Wednesday Wisdom?
  • A way for fellow Etsy sellers / crafters / bloggers / entrepeneurs (and anyone else who cares to join in!) to share the wisdom that they have collected in their creative adventures.
  • Short and simple; easy and quick to write and to remember.
  • Helpful, but not necessarily "new information" to absolutely everyone who reads it: It WILL help someone, you can be sure!

So what do you think? Let's share the wisdom and help each other to learn and grow!

Here's how to do it:
  • Write your Wednesday Wisdom post (include a relevant picture if you'd like! It may help people to remember your advice ;-) ) Please add a link to our latest Wednesday Wisdom post to help people to find all of our helpful posts and to know where to share their own.
  • Share it as much as you can through social media or any other methods, to help as many people as possible!
  • Add your blogpost to the Mister Linky box at the bottom of each week's Wednesday Wisdom post here on our blog.
Simple! Let's play :-) Good luck, and please feel free to comment here with any questions or ideas, we love to hear from you!

Much love,

Naomi xx


  1. What a great idea! Look forward to reading all the great tips!

  2. Awesome idea, Naomi! Thank you so much for starting this!

  3. I think this a fantastic idea. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. Great idea, I am not feeling very wise though...

  5. :-) Thanks for taking part guys! It's already so wonderful to hear your insights :-) And what a beautiful selection to start the "game"!
    Inger dear, maybe you'll be feling a little wiser next week? ;-)

  6. What a great idea, ladies! I'm in! ;)

  7. Thanks a lot! this is really helpful since i'm opening a shop on etsy soon!

  8. Oh that's great mruna, I hope that each week there will be plenty to help you to get started!

    Not a bad first week all told guys, thanks for supporting my idea :-) Looking forward to it blossiming and changing as more people get involved: Tell your friends! ;-)


  9. What a fantastic idea. I have just posted my Wednesday Wisdom for this week (even though I am in Australia and it is Thursday)!


  10. I love this one,
    I try to be in :)

  11. fab idea... I'll try really hard to do this on my blog


  12. I´m not sure I will be able to come up with something clever every Wednesday but will try to take part in it regularly.


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