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Friday, May 6, 2011

NEW - Mouse house display units!

Over the last few weeks the mice have been busily working away building these special "Mouse Houses" and finally they are ready for you to enjoy!  We have 3 sizes to start off with: Small, Medium and Large but there are others being constructed as you read this. We do hope you enjoy this new addition to The House of Mouse


  1. This is superb! It is a great idea, and all the cute mousies have their room. Good job!

  2. Amazing idea!! Love the little mouse puller on the front of the house!

  3. Great display idea for your gorgeous mice!

  4. Super cute way to display them!

  5. ^.^ It's wonderful to see these in the shop finally, it's such a pleasure to see all the mice sitting in their little rooms!! It has been hard to keep the secret about them recently hehe...
    Thanks for the great blog post Anna :-D xoxox


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