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Friday, May 27, 2011

NEW Doctor Who Mice! Jon Pertwee Mouse, Tom Baker Mouse and Peter Davison Mouse

I am so happy to introduce to you the three newest Doctor Who mice to arrive in The House of Mouse. As you know by now, Naomi and I are massive fans of Doctor Who and just love making mice inspired by this great British TV series (click on any mouse to see more photos)

This time last week we were contacted by the BBC because they were interested in showing a still of our Matt Smith Mouse on the One Show!! - a very popular evening chat show in the UK - Because they were having Matt Smith in to promote the new episodes of Doctor Who. Unfortunately they didn't have time to squeeze us in, but we were so thrilled to have been asked anyway. Maybe one day in the future our little mice will make the big time!


Jon Pertwee is the third regeneration of The Doctor! Jon Pertwee's Doctor is a suave, dapper, technologically-oriented and authoritative mouse of action. He practises Venusian Aikido and enjoyes working on gadgets and riding all manner of vehicles! Including the Whomobile and his pride and joy, the canary-yellow vintage roadster nicknamed "Bessie"

Tom Baker Mouse is the 4th regeneration of The Doctor and has an eccentric style of dress and speech, particularly his trademark long scarf and fondness for jelly babies. Galvanized by higher purpose, he is disarmingly loopy, brilliant and entirely serious, all at the same time. This Doctor is arguably the most unpredictable of his incarnations; befuddling all with his intelligence, constantly leaving others wondering if they have his full attention and using his more off the wall mannerisms against adversaries to distract them while arranging to take control of the situation!

Peter Davison Mouse is a far more vulnerable, sensitive, and reserved character than the previous regenerations of The Doctor. He frequently makes decisions by flipping a coin. However, the Fifth Doctor's boyish appearance, nervous energy, and charm all hide the fact that he is a Time Lord Mouse of great age, compassion, and experience.

Please visit our shop The House of Mouse for more photos and info


  1. great idea and realization! i hope BBC will contact you again because the House of Mouse deserve to be brought up to the attention of all Nerds of the world! :DDDD

  2. LOVE the Tom Baker Mouse! I'll have to save up for it!

  3. Squee! SO cute XD I love these!

  4. Cool! They should have something change The Doctor into a mouse creature for one story! =^.-=

  5. These are awesome, will get all Doctor mice soon. Just so you know, you have listed each Doctor incorrectly. Pertwee was the 3rd Doctor which is the 2nd regeneration not the 3rd. Tom and Peter follow as being the 4th & 5th Doctors, or the 3rd & 4th regenerations :)


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