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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview with a Mouse: Theodore the Graduate Mouse

For this month’s interview with a mouse we are chatting with Theodore Mouse who just graduated from the University of Rodentia with a BA in Mouseology. 

Good afternoon Theodore, It’s great to see you. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us!
Yeah man, it’s cool. But call me Theo! Only my Ma and Pa call me Theodore. I just finished my degree so I finally have some time to myself. Thanks for rescheduling for the afternoon; I can’t believe you wanted to talk to me at 11am! I mean, who’s together by then? You can still taste the toothpaste. But I am awake now so bring on the questions!

You’re looking a little rough around the edges this afternoon, did you have a heavy night last night?
Oh man last night was so great. Me and my mates went out for Mr Mouse’s bachelor party and we all got totally blitzed!! When we got home Devlin the Devil mouse accidentally set fire to the kitchen because he put the leftover pizza AND the cardboard box in the oven to reheat it!! I laughed so hard my whiskers almost fell off! Man, that was an awesome night.

I guess you need to let your fur down after working so hard for your Mouseology Degree. Are your parents proud of you?
Yeah man, I think they are kind of shocked actually. I think they thought I would fail ‘cos they say I drink and party too much. But I was a good mouse for a couple of months before the exams; I only went out drinking every other night. My old man was so pleased I passed that he bought me a ticket to visit the cheese factory!

So what are your plans now that you have graduated?
Ah man, I’m still working that out. I would love to take a year out to do some travelling, see the world and other cultures and stuff. Some of my mates want to backpack across Australia for a bit, so I might tag along with them if I can scrape together enough money. Of course there is always the option of doing another degree, continue on the great life of being a student. I’m not sure what the future holds yet. I think I would like to be a doctor or something one day but I’m not sure if I have the brains for that. Who knows where I will be in a year's time?

Well Theo, thanks so much for talking to us. We wish you lots of luck for the future!
Yeah Man, it’s cool! *Theo tries to High Five us but we are too slow, so he misses and we both look stupid and a bit embarrassed* yeah, well... er... see ya!


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  1. LOL! He is so great, I love your interviews :)

  2. *grins* you really are a little cracked, you know? But then all the best people are!


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