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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shop Statistics for March

I have been collecting data on my store for a few months now and decided to share some of the stats for March with you. The resources I use include; Google Analytics for information on visits to my site, page views and percentage of new visits. The heartomatic for my daily Etsy hearts, front page and gift guide features and the Craftopolis site to quickly see which treasuries I am in. Here is my data (click the images to see larger):

Site Visits:

Page views:
Percentage of New Visits:
New Store Hearts and New Item Hearts:
Red for Store, Green for total number of new Item hearts.
Number of Tresuries I was featured in per day
(includes Treasury west)

Daily Listings and Sales

More relevant information:
Dates I was featured on the Front Page of Etsy:
2nd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 25th of March

Dates I blogged on:
3rd, 15th (3 posts), 18th, 23rd and 29th March

Blog features I am aware of:
4th: Nerdaproved, 7th: Fanboy, 30th Whipup, 31st: Wren,

Other information: on days that I list a new item I do a lot of promotions for this item on the web. This is automatically increase the number of views/hearts etc.

Conclusions I have drawn from this data
1) A feature on the Front Page dramatically increases the number of Store and Listing Hearts received. It also increases visits, page views and the percentage of new visits to my store. However it does not always result in immediate sales.
2) An individual Blog post does not increase traffic to my store, however frequent blogging does help. Blogging does not currently directly affect sales.
3) Listing new items increases store hearts, treasury features and sales.
4) Relisting increases item hearts and sometimes the number of treasuries I am in. (I have also noticed if I relist 2 or 3 items a few hours before the treasuries open this also improves my chances of being featured in them)
5) The more treasuries I am in the better my chances of getting on the Front Page.
6) Blog features increase stats only when it is a well known blog, if you get on a really popular one it can make your views and sales go through the roof! (April 1st I had 11 sales, I think this is from the Whipup and/or Wren blog features)
7) Listing or re-listing once a day is a good habit to remain in the view of buyers and treasury curators.


  1. very very interesting:") make sense for all of us:|)

  2. It all makes sense....thank you.

  3. super interesting analysis, thanks for sharing!

  4. Very useful and interestimg read!
    Do you mind, if I link it into EST blog?

  5. Thank you for sharing, very interesting!

  6. Great idea, presentation and analysis. Thank you.

  7. very helpful post!1Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Lots of stats! You make great sense of it. It's good to know your experience with blog appearances. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Ah Anna, you are an inspiration. You work hard and you work smart. Thanks for sharing this stats perspective and how you use it.

  10. thanks so much sharing this valuable information!

  11. Great work, thanks for all the info!

  12. Wow you have it down to a science thanks for sharing!
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    handbag originals

  13. Woah, very thorough! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing your figures, Anna. I really must start looking at my stats more 'cause there is so much to learn from.

  15. Hi, thanks for sharing this info, it's great to see what other sellers are doing, and what works. I am a lot less busy, saleswise, and a lot less well known, but had an impression of similar results.

  16. Thanks for sharing your information with us. I found it very useful.

  17. this was really useful, thanks a lot :) Beary Hugs, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears

  18. wow! how did you make those lovely stats? (I need to do that as well!)
    make it more businessbusiness:)


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