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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Babushka, babushka

I have a new love: Babushka dolls! I already said in this post how much I adore ArtMind's beautiful babouska feelings, and shortly afterward I bought 2 more. My first feeling was "creative" and now I have a big sister version too and another called "touched". I just can't get enough of these beautiful dolls! I am already saving up for my next one. I officially have a collection now because I also have a beautiful fabric doll by RavenHill, who has been sitting on this shelf watching me sew mice for some time, now she is in good company with ArtMinds creations too.

To learn more about these 2 wonderful artists check out their blogs! artmind-etcetera and ravenhill


  1. Aww, that sure is starting to look like a collection, Anna!
    I so much loved making the bigger creative babuschka for you and she was happy to meet you and I see she's in wonderful company!
    Haha, and the happy girls are starting to look like a collection too! ;)
    Thank you so much, Anna! :)

  2. They look very happy to be there together!

  3. fab i love them too ... theyre so special ... Mitsy puts so much love and good vibes in her works !!!

  4. Oh, what a pretty collection! How nice to see my work with my friends' from the team! Thank you dear Anna, this made me so happy to see.
    ~Emily xx

  5. yeah I want them too :D from ArtMind and Ravenhill! They're to die for!
    I want to purchase the feelings free, curious and I also like hungry and surprised :D

    Your collection is adorable!

  6. Great collection!

    I love my one babushka, Balance, so much that I think I might need to get her a friend soon! My little happy girl is on display as well!

    The doll by Ravenhill is so precious!

  7. oh how fabulous! You've got a super gorgeous collection started there :-)

  8. Oh you lucky one! I only have one so far. But I plan to get many more too. They are so adorable! :)

  9. Ah fond thoughts of my childhood as I see those-memories of my mom having babushkas sprinkled through my house. Unfortunately, they were the "do not touch" kind!

  10. beautiful!
    I realy love your mouses, they're soooo cute!

  11. Great collection! I was scrolling through the blogs that I follow and I saw the pictures but I passed it too quickly. I then had to slowly scroll back to find where the adorable dolls were hidden! So happy I did!


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