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Thursday, April 2, 2009

ArtMind is feeling creative


Over the last few months I have watched in awe as my friend Mitsy set about creating a unique collection of 99 ceramic babushka dolls, each representing a different emotion. Mitsy has kept me glued to her blog with updates and beautiful photos of each and every one of her feelings as she made them. You can see the whole collection in one place on in her flicker page.

The sensitivity and humor that has gone into these feelings is so wonderful, they really do make you feel as you look at them. I am a firm believer that the simplest ideas are the best, Mitsy took a simple babushka doll shape and transformed each into a feeling with the use of texture and wonderful craftsmanship.

The instant her dolls were fired and in her store ArtMind.etsy.com I bought one. I have loved "creativity" since I first saw her and am absolutely thrilled to own the first one of this style she ever made - it even has the number 1 stamped on its base!

I leave you to enjoy some of my favorites from
Misty's 99 Feelings...






  1. Awww, Anna, you are superkind and sweet! What a beautiful feature of my work in your cute blog!
    You know how thrilled I am that you were my very first customer to buy one of my feelings. You have been on this journey with me and it warms my heart to know that 'creative 1' will have a very loving home!

  2. Misty is fantastic artist! Creating so emotional collection is definitely a challenge, but very well-made.

  3. I'm a big fan of Mitsy feeling too. They are wonderful!

  4. I love all the ArtMind feelings!! Great feature!! :)

  5. Oh, that's so cool you got a chance to be the first one to purchase one of 99 feelings. The whole collection is awesome:)


  6. This is a great feature. ArtMind is a fantastic artist! She is also super sweet. If I had an art gallery I would give her a show. Yesterday I purchased her feeling "Balanced" and I just can't wait to receive it!

  7. So cool! the angry one fits me well, that is how my hair looks like.


  8. They are all delightful but my absolute favorite is Torn!

  9. These objects are so unique and make me feel great just looking at them. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  10. Great post, Anna! I love her feelings, too. My fave is invincible, but I want them all!

  11. What a clever, clever idea...so creative.

  12. Ahhh, wonderful post! I love the feelings and my favourite is addicted ... it's wonderful to see the feelings in Mitsy's shop. Great post!


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