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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

Be comfortable in your workspace.

Whether you're crafting or working online, please be gentle with your body when sitting for long periods in one place! This week I'm suffering a little from not remembering to do this, so next on my shopping list is a super comfortable chair for sewing and working on my laptop.

Take care ;-)
Naomi xx

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!
    And for the great picture: made me smile!
    And for the great idea: sharing wisdom costs us only a couple of minutes, but makes each of us richer and wiser!

  2. :-) Rita, you are so right. This little collection of Wisdom could be so wonderfully helpful and inspiring to so many! Thanks for being involved :-D xx

  3. The proper chair is a MUST! So is a good bright lamp! Hee hee It always helps to see what I'm making.

  4. That picture is superb :)

    I never sit still long enough to get sore but will be glad of my new workspace where I do not have to share my space with 3 cats,2 dogs,3 kids,and some others as well..

  5. Great idea these wisdoms:) I try to make it a regular thing for me too. Next week I'll share a tip, this week only 2 phrases :)
    I agree with your wisdom, good furniture is a must!

  6. Horray, Kim! It'll be so great to have you on board the "Wisdom train" ;-) Your wise words are so true, a beautiful sentiment to share. Thank you :-)


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