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Friday, October 22, 2010

Brand new product! Mouse Houses!!!

We are so proud to announce the release of a brand new product in The House of Mouse: Mouse Houses! These are the brain-child of Naomi, and the first two are all her own creation too. We hope you enjoy these as much as Naomi enjoyed making them. 

All the mice know that Spook Street is the best street in the neighborhood for trick-or-treating on Halloween, but very few mice dare to go near number 13. Rumor has it, this house was built on an ancient mouse graveyard, and the evil spirits haunt it to this day! Complete with creepy shutters that slam eerily in the wind, cobwebs and bats visible in the windows (even from the safe distance of the end of the driveway!), a broken old fence, a boarded-up window, a little mousie gravestone, a witches cauldron and one very spooky tree with a suspicious-looking axe leaning up against it, this mouse house is the ultimate Halloween spook-fest! Do you dare to investigate the perils within 13 Spook Street?

TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. This is the amazing home of The Doctor Mouse. Big and little at the same time; brand new and ancient and the... bluest... blue... ever. Little Matt Smith Mouse loves to fly off through time and space, getting into adventures and meeting lots of interesting mice (and other creatures, sometimes!) None of it would be possible without his incredible time machine. 

Both available in our store now!


  1. Oh, so adorable! I just love it. All the detail is just amazing! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I can't believe you now have a TARDIS with A Dr. Who Mouse! Will be saving pennies to get this for myself for Christmas! SQUEE!

  3. Wow, amazing. Every wall of the houses is so detailed.

    (PS the link to your store in the last line doesn't work, due to a typo)

  4. I can't decide whether I need or just want that TARDIS mouse house (and the Matt Smith Dr Who Mouse to go with it of course). Amazing stuff! :)

  5. That Tardis is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful addition! Bows for the talent, skills and creativity!!!!!!!

  7. what a great idea! you know, and this is just a suggestion, but if you ever made a True Blood mouse, i'd be sold!!


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