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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space - Painting

Some of you may already know that I am also a painter. I haven't painted that much in the last 3 years however, since The House of Mouse took over my imagination. But a friend recently asked me if I would make a painting for her, it was wonderful to get back in front of a canvas again. Here is the painting I made, and I feel quite inspired to paint again very soon. I have so many wonderful photographs of Declan that I should paint. 

Wishing you a creative day!
Anna x

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  1. well done even after a break of 3 years!
    You still have it in your fingers !

  2. Hi fellow-painter! I am so glad you're back to the canvas again. Lovely work you present here. Your friend will be thrilled! Looking forward to the first Declan-painting. Enjoy, just enjoy the brushes, paint and canvas.

  3. OMG Anna, you are so very talented. I love your painting. So cool. You should paint more. There might be days that you would like to have some break from making mice and then you can paint. You really are a great painter. Petje af!

  4. That is so beautiful! I could never capture furry animals right. The hair was always hard for me to detail. You did it though! Yay! Great job. xoxoxoxxo

  5. Wonderful painting, Anna! Animals are so hard to paint, you did a splendid job!

  6. Great painting! The way to go!

  7. Wow, that is amazing! You are a very talented painter :)


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