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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss Universe Mouse

Miss Universe Mouse - the only one of her kind that will ever be made by The House of Mouse - is available for you to bid on, here on Ebay.

ALL the proceeds will go to the
Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.

This is your only chance to own this One of a Kind mouse. She is on sale on Ebay because Etsy does not allow items to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

A few weeks ago we ran a very special giveaway to celebrate our 1000th sale on Etsy. As the prize we offered a One of a Kind Miss Universe Mouse to the person who we felt deserved her the most. We received some very special comments, but felt that Cat's comment was the sweetest and most deserving:

"I would love to win this mouse! Here is my story. A couple of years ago my mum met a man who changed our lives. I'm in my 30s, he was 80! He was a very special friend to my mother and he had a way of touching hearts that I had never seen in anybody. He also taught me so much about life and I grew to love him like a dad. I was getting married last May but sadly my friend was diagnosed with cancer in the October before, and he passed away in the December, four days before Christmas and didn't make it to our wedding. He left us some money to spend on our wedding. It was a small amount and we decided that we would buy custom wedding mice from The House of Mouse (as I had already purchased three before and I love them). But upon request, custom mice were no longer available and I was so upset! But when I told my story to Anna, she so kindly agreed, and made the mice for us. They are fabulous, they now sit in our living room and when I look at them I think of my friend....

If I were to win this unique mouse I would request that it go on sale in The House of Mouse shop and be under offer. The person with the highest offer would win the mouse and the money they pay for the mouse go to a cancer charity - The Macmillan Cancer Support. I think it would be something nice I could give as a gesture to my friend in return for the time he gave us. Kind of like a pay it forward xxx"

So, as the Cat wished: Her mouse is now up for auction on Ebay. You can find the listing HERE We are covering all the PayPal, Ebay and Shipping charges, so every penny you pay for her will go to Cat's chosen charity.


  1. really touching, and lovely to think that something positive can come from such a sad event.
    I've tweeted it :)

  2. I hope there will be coming in a very high price for the good cause, I am sure it will!! Wonderful initiative! x


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