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Friday, September 3, 2010

5 NEW Teacher Mice

Just in time for going back to school, 5 new teacher mice have arrived at The House of Mouse! Wouldn't it be great if these little guys had been your teachers? We know we would have learned a lot more.

Mrs Quill the English Teacher would love to quote Shakespeare to you all day long. She's rather a new-age style teacher and often hums or sings to her students as they work. At the end of a long day at school she loves nothing more than to kick off her mousie shoes and snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a Jane Austen novel. She's the perfect gift for any English or drama teacher, or anyone who inspires people to pick up a good book. See more pics of her here

Mr Vector is the hippest, coolest Math Teacher around. He's definitely in the 'prime' of his life! He has his little pupil mice in fits of laughter every lesson as he attempts to come up with some crazy method to remember Pythagoras's Theorem. All the mice look forward to his lessons, and he is slowly turning math into the most exciting subject at his school. Let him come home with you and teach you to love math, too! He's the perfect gift for any math geek. See more photos of him here

Mr Beaker the Science Teacher is a very practical Mouse. To him, Science is the art of the Universe, and the most important topic for any Mouse student to learn. Unfortunately, not all of his students agree, and he has trouble controlling his class sometimes! During his lunch break, he can most often be found sitting in the staff room, nibbling crackers, which has earned him the delightful nickname "Crackpot"! He's the perfect gift for any Science Teacher or Science lover. More photos of him here

Miss Sugarplum the Teacher Mouse loves teaching the little ones! Every day is an adventure to her, as she takes her tiny pupils on wild flights of fancy through the amazing world of education. She's loving and funny and makes everybody grin! No wonder she gets so many apples from her pupils! She'd love to come and teach you to see the world in new and exciting ways. Miss Sugarplum is the perfect gift for any much-loved teacher, new or old. More photos of her here

Mr Morse the Teacher Mouse spends 15 minutes every morning perfecting his moustache before school. It is his pride and joy! His teaching style is a little zany, each morning he bursts into the classroom full of energy and superlatives on what a glorious day it is. His enthusiasm for everything in life is infectious, and even though all his students are convinced he is mad, they can't help enjoying his lessons. See more photos of him here

All are available in our store
The House of Mouse


  1. these are seriously adorable! Mr. Vector especially - I have a soft spot for math teachers. ;-)

  2. Formidable

    Pretty and lovely !

    Super , super super as always !

    Have a wonderful weekend !

  3. Wow, how cute! I just love Mrs Quill the English Teacher. Amazing job!

  4. ;-) b*lota dear, me too... Math Teachers are the best, Mr. Vector is actually partly based on my old math teacher!!
    Thanks for the love, everyone. They were all so much fun to make, I'd happily make hundreds more! xx

  5. i love the mouse with the moustache :)


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