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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered the WIN A MOUSE competition! There were over 250 guesses over this blog, Etsy, my myspace page, deviantArt account and craft fair entries!

So, how many little felt mice feet are in this jar....?

The correct answer is 272!

Congratulations to Matchstickgirl aka Frances Melhop who was the only one to guess completely right!! She now gets to choose any mouse from my store The House of Mouse to keep for her very own! Well done Frances!

* * * Watch this space... * * *
More WIN A MOUSE competitions coming soon!



  1. Weehaaa! Congrats Frances! Maybe Anna can make a fairy mouse for you? :)

  2. congrats Frances !
    my guess was a little bit too high ....

  3. Yaayyy for Frances! *slightly green with envy*

  4. wow that chances of that; completely right!! It's fate I say.

  5. Lucky you Francis. (*please don't mind me while I turn slightly green...*)

  6. eeeehheeeeheee i cant believe ... i have been the most unlucky person in the world for 2 years and now i think it is on the turn .... :D

    thank you so much Mouse !!!!!


  7. Congratulations what a great giveaway, I'll have my eye out for the next one!

  8. 272?? wow!!! they are a lot!! congrats to the winner!

  9. Gah! No way. Good for your Matchstickgirl


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