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Friday, June 24, 2011

NEW - Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Mice

We are so happy to introduce two new mice to our collection. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Mouse. Thank you to our very good customers Jessie and Nancy for ordering these as custom mice, we were so thrilled with the way they came out we asked if we could make them regulars in our store. Jessie and Nancy were very kind to say yes!


Little Sherlock Holmes Mouse is the world’s only “consulting detective mouse”. He sees his work of deduction and crime detection as an art, and he lives for the thrill of problem solving. He is as brilliant as he is aloof, and although he has a soft spot for his mousy friend, Watson, more often than not he enjoys his own company. When working on a case, he is agile and energetic and can sniff out the faintest whiff of cheese from miles away!

Dr John H Watson Mouse is the friend and companion of Sherlock Holmes Mouse. Dr Watson Mouse accompanies his brilliant friend Holmes Mouse on many of his most exciting adventures, and then chronicles the best stories for the public to read about their beloved mouse detective. He puts up with Sherlock’s irritating habits and eccentricities for the excitement of the adventures in which they often they find themselves, though Holmes’s taste for the strongest “stimulating” cheeses is sometimes too much for Watson to bear.

Please check out The House of Mouse for more photos


  1. Anna, these are adorable.

    Come on down and advertise on my page

  2. I love Sherlock Holmes & Watson, and these are definitely the cutest incarnations of them I've seen!



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