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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interview with a Mouse: Terry the mouse in a cat suit.

Interview with a Mouse: Terry the mouse in a cat suit.
This month’s interview is with Terry, the mouse dressed as a cat. Welcome Terry, we are very pleased to talk with you.
Thanks very much, I’m so happy to have been chosen!

So Terry, tell us a bit about yourself, why did you decide to dress yourself as a cat?
Well, yes. I know it might look a bit odd to you but let me explain. The Cats are everywhere *Terry looks around nervously* they used to sneak up on me when I least expected it, pouncing out from behind things and biffing me around all over the place *Terry looks terrified at the very thought and gives himself a little shake* I think they actually enjoyed it. So I decided that if I disguised myself as a Cat, they would just think I was a kitten or something and leave me alone. It seems to be working so far! The Cats I have encountered have been too confused to try and eat me.

Does the costume alone convince Cats that you are one of them?
Oh no, it takes a lot more than just a costume to fool a cat. I have been studying how to behave like a cat too. Luckily it involves a lot of lazy things like lying in warm places, not bothering to check their spelling and praying to their God: “Ceiling Cat”… It’s a pretty easy life.

Wearing a cat costume seems like a very good plan Terry. I wonder why other mice have not thought of it.
Some mice are just too proud to dress up to save their whiskers. Some of the other mice laugh at me and say they would rather get caught in a mousetrap than be seen dressed as their sworn enemy. But little Vincent the baby mouse likes to come and cuddle up in my fur, he loves my cat costume.

Have you ever dressed up as other things?
Oh yes, lots! When I was a little mouseling my mum and dad would throw me a fancy-dress party every year for my birthday. Once I wore a dragon costume with a long scaly tail, wings and a head with lots of teeth. I loved my costume so much that I wouldn’t take it off. My mum did everything she could to convince me to change but I wouldn’t.  I loved being a dragon and didn’t want to be a boring old mouse any more.

What made you take off the Dragon costume in the end?
*Terry looks a bit bashful* If you must know, after a few days of wearing it I ran into a real baby dragon on my way home from school. He seemed to think I was his Daddy... He followed me all around town and kept asking for piggy-back-rides. He was soooo heavy that I got squished and Grace the Nurse mouse had to splint my arm. After that I never wore the dragon costume again!

Thank you so much for talking to us today Terry. We hope your costume continues to keep the Cats away!
You’re welcome! Now I must get back into character *Terry nonchalantly walks onto my laptop, curls himself up and promptly falls asleep*


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  1. How sweet! These interviews always bring a smile on my face!

  2. I have a cousin of Terry and let me tell you the costume works wonders! None of my 6 cats has realized there is a mouse in the house!! :)


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