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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I must apologize for neglecting my blog the last few days. We started renovating our home again, this time the entire middle floor (3 bedrooms, a bathroom and the hallway) I have been elbow deep in a mixture of dust, plaster and paint. We are completely exhausted by the end of the day. I have taken some photos as we go, so I will show some to you tomorrow. We still have at least another 2 weeks work to go!

Anyway, it is time for my Tuesday Selection! Appropriately on the theme of housewares this time. Maybe they will put you in the mood for some decorating too.

by DecorDesigns

moss terrarium No. 146
by madebymavis

three tier candle holder solid mahogany
by wudshapr

Modern Ink Blot Floral Print quilt in Red/Orange
by Dahlush

Crazy Pink Whatnot Bowls - Set of 5
by missyandme

Free Ship- Sunset Facecloths
by rebeccajay

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  1. oh what beautiful home decoration selections!! LOVE the butterfly wall deco :)

    good luck on your renovations, sounds like an enormous amount of work but it will be worth it & rewarding in the end !

  2. Beautiful selections, and I hope your remodeling goes smoothly :)

  3. Beautiful selections - good luck with the remodeling!

  4. I love those face cloths! I would probably use them in my kitchen though, they would match perfect!!

    Can't wait to the the remodel pics!

  5. The quilt is my favorite, but they are all really cool selections! Can't wait to see photos of your renovations on here!

  6. i really love terrarium,looks fantastic:)

  7. I LOVE the terrarium! I imagine happy little people live in there LOL

  8. I love crochet face cloths o they are my favourite, can't wait to see your "after" renovation pics!

  9. Lovely Inkblot floral quilt! Looks like you are deep into the remodeling scene! Lots of work! Hope it turns out beautiful!


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