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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Earth day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Something many handmade sellers hold close to their hearts, including myself.

Back in November I switched to using reused and recycled materials only for my shipping boxes, I wrote a blog post about it here and ordered a couple of stamps from terbearco to mark my packages with. They look so great too.

Today and tomorrow terbearco is having a giveaway, you can win your very own "make everyday Earth Day" stamp simply by leaving a comment here telling me what you do to protect our plannet, or how you feel about Earth Day, or anything else... The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday the 24th.

terbearco is also offering 10% off of any of her recycle themed stamps with the code HAPPY EARTH DAY in message to seller thru 4/23


  1. happy earth day ...

    i am in complete agreement ...every day should be earth day ...
    we all need to remember every time we throw a piece of garbage out or buy something that is over packaged instead of picking separate items and bringing our own bags


    every day is earth day

  2. For me every day is earth day. I don't use a car, use as little electricity as possible, and starting to grow our own veg and fruit, don't pad my packages with frilly bits, try not to buy things with extra packaging, never fly, recycle everything, hardly ever travel at all, make most of my own clothing. Life is great without the frilly bits, just as is :-)

  3. We recycle as much as we can - even have our little recycle station in our kitchen! :)
    I do think I overpackage a little bit but then, I always try to re-use the packaging I get so I hope that my customers will do the same. :)

  4. I recycle, reuse and reduce waste. I changed all my bulbs. ALl week long I'm blogging useful info related to Earth day on my blog http://bululustudio.blogspot.com

  5. Happy earth day!
    I have been prepairing a blogpost about recycling for a few days will post that soon :)
    In the mean time, I'm doing my best to use as little electricity and water as possible. Use all bubble plastic we recieve with supplies again for sending packages, same for boxes we use them again too. All our bills do not come through mail anymore, instead we registered for email-bills to safe on paper. And many more little things, we only have one world.

  6. Happy Earth Day!
    I'm studying to reach the Energy Engineer degree, till then i have recycling bins, i package my items in recycled paper, stash every little piece of yarn for a future use, recycle all types of pop can tabs, i drive a gpl powered car...and i buy handmade ^^

  7. To me every day on earth is precious and earth must be cherished.
    I recycle, reuse, reduce and respect - full time.
    My packages come as wonderfully wrapped gifts as a thank you for those choosing to buy handmade and support the independent artists and craftspeople out there - everything can be reused in them.
    I hope that more people will choose to buy handmade and tread carefully on mother earth.

  8. Happy earth day...

    We collect as possible as every packaged, glass, paper and take to recycle center. We use economic electric bulb in our home and office.

  9. I agree - every day should be earth day. We walk a lot in our beautiful countryside, and often take a bag to pick up rubbish along the way. Today, in 2 hours, we picked up THREE carrier bags FULL. Why do peole feel free to just chick their litter? Funnily enough (well, not really funny) a lot of it was red bull cans. Do people think they've really got wings?

  10. I *heart* Earth Day because it's my son's birthday (he turned 10 today! Whhaaaa!!!) It was also his great-grandfather's birthday!

    In the spirit of Earth Day, one thing I do is use recycled materials to ship things... I open packages carefully and reuse shipping materials as much as I can.

  11. I have changed the bulbs in my house to low energy bulbs. We also reuse our plastic bags for kitty 'droppings'. I use my own bag at mall stores and I try to support the handmade/local grown movement whenever I can. I reuse materials in my packaging whenever I can and I hope that people who receive my kitties do the same.

  12. Earth day is such a wonderful occasion to take the children out and teach them about our environment, plant trees or simply just let them find for themselves that nature is worth to preserve. We always did that at school and it has a good influence on all of us. Every little step counts, so if you just try to select your garbage that's a huge help. But still I always think that it has a lot to do...
    Happy Earth day!

  13. Hi! I love Terbear's "recycle this packaging" stamp -- I actually bought one a while back. I've featured Terbear in my Etsy treasury, "Earth Day Style"!


  14. Hi,

    From day one I used recycled materials for my packages ( when possible)

    I try to recycle as much as possible. Years ago I changed all the light bulbs at my place and the appliances got replaced by energy efficient ones. When shopping I have my canvas bags so i do not use paper or plastic store ones.

    I try to do a little everyday after all we have only one! (only one Earth)

  15. Oh, I agree with everyone else, we shouldn't have to have a special Earth day, but take care of our planet everyday. We take public transport or go by bike. We use canvas shopping totes. I reuse shipping materials, make most of my own clothes, buy handmade. We try to set a good example for our children.

  16. AAHH yes, everyday! It is nice however they have set aside a day for those that need to be reminded. We recycle, reuse, and make organic sustainable clothes. My business strives to make the environment the leading factor, not money.

  17. i recycle like a manic :) my old apartment didn't offer recycling so my boyfriend and i would collect our paper recyclables for weeks then sneak into his lab building at night to throw our stuff into the jumbo recycling bins. our containers would have to wait until the next time we visited his parents in jersey. luckily, we moved into a place that has recycling bins just a few steps from our backdoor!

  18. Whoa, I almost missed the boat! I totaly forgot today was Earth Day! 'S'all right though, because I try to live every day like it's Earth Day. All the bulbs in my house are CFLs and I'm a recycling fiend!

  19. Thanks for asking Anna!

    I used to big on earth day. I no longer am. Some time back I started to live earth day EVERYday.

    Whether you believe in global warming or not, we only have this one earth. It is not resepctful to trash it.

    When people litter I pick it up and return it to them saying "You dropped this" (!)

    I have actually recyled every tin can I have used since 1968. My dad used to take me to the scrap yard with him and it was an exciting place! After I got out on my own I it was natural to contiue.

    I annoy my friends by correcting their recyling procedured when I visit. I will walk any extra distance to place litter in the correct spot. I take everything that can be reused and donated it or store it until I find somewhere other than the landfill for it. I take OTHER peoples stuff to recycle and redistribute. I avoid automatic doors and take the stairs. My daughter made some canvas grocery bags for me and I have been using them a year now. It feels really good to not have to take their bags. Last month the store started giving 15¢ off your total for each bag you bring. Cool!

    I stay away from over packaged goods and am at the farmers market every week (in season) buying bulk and local.

    I combine trips to save on auto fuel. I can wait a day or a week or even a month to get something when I am going that way next.

    You name it, I do it. When my life is over, I will be able to say I did all I could.

    I am really doing more than my part, but do use my computer a lot and I travel by air to see friends. A little guilt here but I am getting older and my friends are important.


  20. Wonderful! I live everyday trying to be friendly to our mother earth and our animal friends by being vegan and recycling/reusing in everyday things and in my art/jewelry creations. I walk/share rides whenever possible too ;0) Michele mvegan5.etsy.com

  21. Wow. It looks like Earth Day is a growing hit. I'm delighted!

    We've been trying to make Earth Day everyday for years. It really becomes easy to do, once one decides to change the outlook. For instance:

    1. We grow our own vegetables in a tiny garden and trench compost our green garbage so we don't have to use fertilizer.
    2. All of our lightbulbs, including the two spotlights were switched out for the energy saving bulbs.
    3. Participate in FreeCycle.org so our junk and their junk find happy homes instead of going in a landfill.
    4. Do an Earth Day road clean-up with my Friends of the Library group.

    Then, also on Earth Day, the focus of one of my two Etsy shops, to Chars Remakes, became devoted to items made from recycled or repurposed clothes and linens.

  22. Earth Day is especially important because it is also my son's birthday.We've starting using reuseable shopping bags and every day I try to do a little more.We have to keep the world green for our kids

  23. I reuse packing material that I get by posting on craigslist and freecycle. I bring my own bags everywhere, not just to the grocery store, and I pack my daughter's lunch every day with non-disposable containers and silverware.

  24. For me every day is earth day. We don’t have a car, we car share,
    we use as little electricity as possible, recycle everything, we buy less and buy pre-loved goods as much as possible, we live a wabi sabi life : living modestly, learning to be satisfied with life once we strip away the unnecessary.

  25. agree !
    I don't drive a car, go always by foot or bike. Don't travel in a plane too. Recycle as much as I can. Not only my buttons, but also fabrics and clothings people don't want anymore, shells, feathers and stones I find on the beach, the field and the road. And I always take used parcels to send my own things.


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