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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have a selection of sketchbooks on a shelf, as a means
To store my recollections, collections of ideas, my dreams

Undeniably perfect are the pages of a new book
The fresh, clean and unspoiled space
Holding untold potential for what one might write
To draw a thought that I don't wish to misplace

The touch and feel of a book,
Hard back, paperback, pink, brown or black
Leather bound or fabric covered,
It is the food for my mind for the poetic mood
Of artistry and mystery to be discovered

My sketchbooks have been filled over the years
With art on transition, cognition, ambition and fears
They are my visual diaries of thoughts unconfined
Friends who never judge, desert or condescend
Who always help me find ways to mend
My messed up head and over-thinking mind

And though my ideas that were so clear when they were wrote
on second reading become cluttered scribbled notes
I will keep building my collection of books up through the ages
And leaving my mark upon their pages

Poem by me

Vintage Leather Journal, The Magic Book
by TeoStudio

Birds on a Wire, Leather Journal, Suede
by Kreativlink

Old Style Cord Bound Book
by KarleighJae

Reptilian Steampunk
by AwakenJournaling

Fabric Covered Journal - Navy Blue Toile
by LifeStoriesBooks

peba armadillo book
by grimm


  1. What a wonderful poem Anna! I truly love it. And it gave me an idea... but I'll send you and email about that.

    And thanks dear, for featuring my journal among these beautiful books!

  2. What a neat poem, thank you for sharing :)

  3. A lovely poem :) I completely understand and share your love for notebooks. Although I'm usually too scared to write in the really pretty ones for fear of 'spoiling' them!

  4. Terrific poem, and a great way to showcase these lovely journals.

  5. Great poem and lovely journals!

  6. I love your poem :) I love getting new sketchbooks and journals just so I can fill them up. I have a huge pile of them at home :)

  7. Love you poem, and I love your idea of having a special place to record your thoughts and ideas. What a wonderful way to nurture and value yourself!

  8. Wonderful poem, and great journal selections! I was just thinking I need a new one - perfect timing :)

  9. Wow! That speaks to me (of course!). Lovely poem and lovely journals!

  10. oooh, beautiful poem, and so are the journals!

  11. Lovely poem - and great journals that you featured!

  12. I love your posts and thank you for featuring my book on your wonderful blog!


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