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Monday, July 9, 2012


Today Naomi did the very important job of stock-checking at The House of Mouse. At this time of year that's a tricky job because I have been stocking up like mad since last Christmas. As you can see her whole house is overrun with our little mice and their friends. Here they all our laid out on her table! Below you can see them all stored away cosy and safe in their labelled boxes.

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  1. Wow. That is a lot of mice. What is the collective noun for mice?
    A herd?
    An infestation?

    (I know it will come to me as soon as I press post but I just can't think)

  2. Impressive! You've motivated me to build up my stock.

  3. Oh my gosh :) That is an impressive amount of mice (which I wouldn't want in my house if they were real LOL) they usually say that bunnies are busy ;)

  4. OH. MY. GOD! :D
    An army of mice! :D

  5. Wow! impressive mice gathering! cute!

  6. :D It is always a special time when I get everyone out for a head count! I love the lions and piggies in the middle, and the Sinterklaas hats right in the back poking up!


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