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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Interview with a Mouse: Gwendolyn the Witch Mouse

This month we will be interviewing Gwendolyn the Witch Mouse. She was first sold from The House of Mouse in September 2009, in plenty of time to join her first adoptive family by halloween of that year. She has been a much loved character in the House since then!

Hello there, Gwendolyn! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.
Hello dearie! Thank you kindly for having me. Do you mind if I lean my broomstick against this wall? Thanks ever so much.

No, of course, please go ahead. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's somewhat surprising to hear a witch speak so sweetly and kindly! We had expected you to be a little scarier...
(Gwendlyn chuckles warmly at this) Ohhh, that'll be the kiddies, giving me a fearsome reputation. It's all silliness really. Being a witch is just a job, and I'm good at it because I happen to be blessed with these good looks! (She points out her fabulously hairy warts and olive green skin). Isn't that lucky?!

Erm, yes... So you mentioned "the kiddies" – Are they friends of yours from The House of Mouse?
The cheeky little darlings! They love to play along, you know. They swear blind that I turned their friend into a toad! Little Anakin Skywalker Mouse and Frodo Baggins Mouse do love to pretend to fight the scary old witch and impress the girlies, and I humour them sometimes.

So what about your work as a witch? What does it involve, and do you enjoy it?
Well, since I joined The House of Mouse, my work involves joining new families and amazing them all with my spells and broomstick skills. I can show that Harry Potter Mouse a thing or two on a broomstick, you know! The spells are a little trickier... I do tend to get in a bit of a muddle sometimes. Last month I was trying to conjure a plate of crackers, but I had a bit of a swollen lip at the time and somehow I manged to fill the room with ducks instead... The noise was atrocious, not to mention the mess! But I love my work as a witch. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do.

What is your earliest childhood memory as a young mouse?
Ahhh, well I'm afraid it's not such a happy one. I remember my school days, though they were a fair old while ago now. I was teased terribly for my colour and my warts. Children can be so cruel! But I learned to use humour to deflect it, and it's made me a stronger mouse today for certain.

Oh, we are sorry to hear that. Has your time at The House of Mouse been more enjoyable?
Oh without a shadow of a doubt! The kiddies here are much more playful, and it is so exciting to get a new adoptive family to get to know. I love how treasured I feel in each new home, and especially the excitement around Halloween! Abercrombie the Zombie Mouse and I get carried away when it's time to decorate the House in cobwebs and fake blood! (She chuckles again).

How wonderful! Thank you so much for talking with us today Gwendolyn, it has been lovely to get to know you a little. We hope this Halloween is a very special time for you.
And thank you, dearies! It was a pleasure indeed. (She flies off on her tiny broomstick).

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