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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Artist Interview - ingermaaike

Each week we invite a different Etsy seller to visit us at our home: The House of Mouse, where all the mice live. This weeks guest is Inger from ingermaaike.etsy.com. Inger is originally from Holland but now lives in Norway.

We find Inger sat comfortably in our living room, she has chosen a seat next to the fireplace because it is a cold day today. Many little mice are huddled together on chairs with cups of hot chocolate in their paws and some blankets that they made to keep their toes warm. Chris the Chef mouse wobbles into the room carrying 2 large mugs of tea for Inger and Anna. Anna sits down on the sofa, takes a sip of her tea and then begins the interview.

A - Hi Inger, welcome to our home! Thank you so much for talking to us today. We'd like to begin by asking you a little bit about your Etsy store and what it means to you: when telling someone about your shop for the first time, what do you say about it?
I - I do not reside in artistic circles so usually people are a little incredulous that I would earn my money with felting, if they even know what felting is. So first I explain what felting is and what I make and then they say 'oh nice' and we move on to other things :)

For me this shop means I can keep on learning and improving my skill, one can only own so many scarves,bags and dresses after all. If there would be no place to send them to then it all would just have remained a hobby and probably I would have lost interest by now. This shop has given me so much confidence and validation which I would otherwise never have found.

A - Would you share a memory with us of when you first fell in love with your craft?

I - I have always been crafting but never considered making it a way to make a living, I did various studies to prepare me for a professional 'grown-up' life. Never finished a study and never grew up either..I tried working a regular job for about a year and ran off with slamming doors. Then one day saw advertised a workshop for felting,signed up and nearly cancelled as I do not do so well in groups..but went in the end. And it was love at first sight. Obsessively I started felting at home, experimenting,reading,learning...I continue to do so to this day.

A - How do you plan for a new item in your Etsy Shop, if at all? Do you know how something will look before you start?
I - Planning is not something I do at all, I pull open a drawer and see what is in there. Or suddenly I jump up to go dye wool with colors that just popped in my head. All rather random except for the fact that it all is inspired by the nature around me.

A - We do hope that you're a keen Etsy buyer as well as seller. What is your favourite shop on Etsy and why?
I - Oooooh just the one?? I love well made clothes that are comfy but feminine ,most I make myself but NYHop and IheartFink do things I can not do myself so I totally love those shops.

A - We'd love to get a little snippet of your home life, please describe your home in just 5 words!
I - Warm, open, happy, chaotic, loving.

A - Musculus Maximouse gets terrible midnight cravings. If he were to raid your refrigerator right now, what treats might he find there?
I - Umm not particularly much I fear, we never have much in there but for some jam, cheese, milk and a few odd pots of this and that. The most exotic thing in there at present is a bloc of Norwegian brown caramelised goats cheese. An acquired taste to be sure :D

A - If you were a mouse living in The House of Mouse, which one would you be and why?
I - That is a very hard question...but I think Indiana Jones mouse. I always wanted to be him when growing up.

A - And finally, one of the mice would like to ask you a question. The mice tend to be a little random with their choice of questions! This one comes from Spidermouse. He'd like to ask you: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I - To travel in the blink of an eye from here to there and back again, I would love to see so much but dislike being away from home too long. So zipping back and forth would be just perfect :) Plus I could go get food in a flash from all over the world and never need to think up what to eat any more :D

A - Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us, Inger. Please let us know how we can find you on the internet by sharing some links!


I - Thank you very much for this most pleasant chat :)



  1. Oh I had forgotten all about this :) One of the advantages of being me, if it is not directly in front of me I forget all about it right away ;P

    You have selected the perfect pics to go along with the interview, thank you :)

  2. Thanks inger! Sorry it took a while to post it, we figured it would probably be better to wait until after we get back from holiday, since then we can do the promos for it too. We hope it brings some new views to your shop.

  3. Ah, Mouselings! Great interview with a great person!

  4. Wow, wow, wow what beautiful felted creations! The felted flowers, especially, are gorgeous. :)

  5. Inger is a fantastic woman and artist! What a wonderful interview! :)

  6. Oh, it was so fun reading the interview! Mouse, you are such a good interviewer!!!!

  7. Lovely interview with a lovely person :)

  8. What a fun interview :) Thanks a lot you two .. and the mice of course.

  9. What a fun and eloquent interview--I felt like I was sitting between the mice and drinking tea with you all--it was great, and I can say, Inger, you are a marvel with felt. I am just waiting for the day when the lotto win comes in...watch out! :-D

  10. Such a delightful interview to read from a wonderful artist and person!!! Thank you for sharing girlies and cute little mice! :D

  11. Great interview and lovely pics - I am particularly enamoured of the dress in the fourth picture :D

  12. Lovely read about lovely Lady Inger. Looking forward to more of your items Inger.
    Wonder who will be next in the House of Mouse!

  13. fantastic !!!!!

    Inger is legendary in every way !!!!

  14. Inger is such a talented artist, look at all of the beautiful things she creates! I can certainly say that to own one of Inger's creations is a very special thing indeed :-) thanks so much for stopping by to visit the mice, Inger dear. What a lovely interview! xx

  15. I love her stuff! So 'earthy'. Especially the bags are so special you don't even need to dress up much - the bag alone will make your outfit!


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