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Monday, September 7, 2009

Going crazy

New bag + new coat + pregnancy-brain = lost mobile


I am contemplating starting a new blog called "crazy things pregnant women do" or just "crazy pregnant women" the star of this blog would be me of course, for the next 5 or 6 months. While I continue to lose things - including my mind - and humiliate myself publicly by telling the whole world about it on my blog.

My very sympathetic (!) friends tell me that it is all downhill from now, that after pregnancy-brain comes mommy-brain - which is just as bad if not worse - maybe I should call this blog "Mommy's gone Mad"?

I hope my continued loss of brain cells is providing you with a few laughs. For now I will hope that things will get better and I won't have enough material to justify a whole new blog!

*Edit - 6 hours later* I just found it lurking under my car seat, I think it wanted to go into early hibernation.


  1. LOL...believe me, mommy brain is worse.


  2. I don't know how reassuring this will be, but- it does get better...eventually! It might take two or three years for you to get back to being able to think of that word you wanted to use, but it will eventually happen!

  3. my son is 3 and i feel like i'm pretty much back to normal. but a good friend gave some advice for post pregnancy: get medication if you need it, hire a maid and a babysitter!

  4. ROFL! Yes - they suck away at your brain cells...I think we get them back when they hit their 20s & get beyond believing they know more than us :P
    I actually just made a "melty brain" embroidery....it's what my friends & I call it :)

  5. Oh ha! It gets better until you have grandmothers brain when you have to think for both of them:)D


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