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Monday, September 14, 2009

Giving myself some "Me" time

When you run your own business it is amazing how many different tasks can take up your day. There is a never ending list of orders to fill, packages to ship, supplies to buy, emails and convos to answer, suppliers to call, marketing, promotional and networking work to do that we rarely find enough hours in the day. It is easy to let certain things in our life take 2nd place. The things that lose out can be anything from your social life to remembering to clean the house. Although personally I know I should clean, I just don't want to!

There are several things that I continuously fight to keep in balance, but something I noticed I am not doing enough of is giving myself some creative "me" time to just explore new ideas and dream for a bit. I know that it is essential to enjoy what I do to keep my passion for The House of Mouse going. But somehow over the last few months I have let the orders and everyday chores completely take over so when I am in the studio I am only making the "old favourites" from my store and a few custom orders when they come in.

Yesterday I gave myself some time to create and just enjoy the process again, and oh how I needed it! It has really sparked my interest and fascination with sewing all over again. I have several new mice that I am going to make over today and possibly tomorrow too. I can't wait to show you my new designs!

To any sellers out there who let their other chores take over, I say reserve some time just for you with no interruptions or detractions, and make something just for yourself. You won't regret it and you will probably be rewarded with a whole load of new ideas and excitement over what you do.


  1. Hi, thanks for the follow on twitter. I have to tell you that I find your mouses really cute n.n I'd like to have one =P ... I tried to enter the store in order to meet them and choose one for the september giveaway =) but etsy was down for maintenance, so I'll try later.
    It's a great piece of advice the one you give here. Nothing new, but still a great advice=)

    Again, thank you.
    I'll try to drop by often =)

  2. deeply-depply agree!
    I do try to find time for myself: I realized that I need time for "doing nothing" or sompletly different things in order to refresh my mind and have new ideas.

  3. You are absolutely right! It's so important to take the time to explore other things, other places, other artists too. You're mice look so cute btw, waiting for Etsy to go online again and have a look in your shop! :)

  4. So very true, I never stop working...Having said that many of the things in my shop are things I made just for fun too :-D

  5. Clever Anna! I'm in the same boat and really need to learn to leave the working mode sometimes.
    Maybe... a free day each week, yes! :)

  6. Good advice! We should all take time to dream and get new ideas, or just play :)

  7. 'Me Time' is SO important! If I start to lose that I go crazy! Even my husband knows that when he sees the signs he tells me to go into my scrapbook room and cut paper - it will make me feel better! LOL! He is totally right, too!

  8. So true, this is something I struggle with all the time. If I don't take time out to just do fresh new projects, I burn out so quickly.

  9. I'm dealing with the problem of no creative time right now! I'm making sure that I take at east one weekend day to sit and reflect - look out at the tress and clouds, and daydream!!
    Thanks for your post!


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