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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's official, I have pregnancy brain!

I should tell you all a funny story. For those of you who have not had kids, there is a thing that happens to you while you are pregnant: You get really forgetful and absent minded, which some people call "baby brain" or "goo-goo brain". I was already pretty bad at remembering things as I am dyslexic, but now things are getting beyond silly:

I just got back from a hours drive to Haarlem to get some supplies, only to find that I had forgotten the most vital thing I needed.

Last night I was convinced there were only 30 minutes in an hour.

And yesterday afternoon I couldn't find my keys; after a panic my husband found them in the fridge!

*shakes head in despair*


  1. It doesn't get much easier once they are born!..lol. I think with each child I have had I have lost a few more brain cells. I have forgotten keys, diaper bag, and once I even forgot the baby... Let me explain =) She was all bundled up in her car seat ready to go. We got the other three in the car. Hubby thought I grabbed her and put her in... I thought he did... Well we got down the road before turning around and running in the house to get her. She was all smiles just sitting in her car seat by the door =) Thank goodness she was too little to hold it against me later =) !

  2. LoL!! Sounds way too familiar! Fortunately is just nine months, sort of.

  3. You poor thing, you! It will get better... but only a little better :D That's all I can promise :)

  4. I'm 7 months pregnant at the moment (first baby) and I read somewhere that it's often called 'preg-head', charming!!

    I can vouch for the fact that the sickness does go away, 5-7 months is nice actually. You feel much better before your bump gets too big and you just turn into a couch potato!

  5. Damn, I'm extremely forgetful and stuff. If I'm ever pregnant it'll be really bad, lol. Congrats on your pregnancy :)

  6. Looks like we've all been there! Mine developed into a permanent condition!

    Great post, thanks for the morning cheer! hee hee

  7. It happens to the best of us. Congratulations and best of luck with everything. Love your mice.

  8. i still use the mommy brain excuse and it's been over 3 years...maybe i need a new one. maybe not. but i'll always love Pooh - think think think!

  9. I agree with the first comment--pregnancy brain just turns into sleep-deprived mommy raising an infant brain, then mommy of an energetic toddler brain, then...well, you get the idea. But the death of all those brain cells is SOOO worth it! Who needs 'em anyway? lol

  10. Here is a list of things I could do before I had two children:
    I could shop without a list and remember to buy everything.
    I could remember all my appointments without having to look in my daily planner.
    I could tell time on my watch which had no numbers.
    I could find anything even if my house was a little messy.
    Now I'm doomed to live a life that consists of lots of to do lists, using a daily planner and the planner on my computer (and yes I need the warnings the computer gives me a day in advance, two hours in advance and can still forget to call my grandmother because it's her birthday). I have spare keys at my neighbours, best friend and mom (and I need to make new copy's at least twice a year). I have called the "Wegenwacht" numerous times because I locked the keys in the car.
    But you can look forward to all the fun your kids are going to have when you keep doing those stupid things. That is what a mom is for. Making your kids laugh!

  11. hahahaha...I love the keys in the fridge! :-)

  12. It'll all be worth it! Or so they tell me...

  13. Hello doll!
    Okay, so you are one of the only other Etsy sellers that I actually know, that has Harry Potter items in their shop. Did you get an email from Etsy or from WarnerBros. about copyright infringement?

  14. Hi Indie,
    Nope! Didn't get anything like that. weird.

  15. hehehe sounds familiar, it lasts a while after your pregnancy to:)

  16. Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope the rest goes smoothly and beautifully :)

  17. Hahaha! Too funny :)

    I almost fell into my office bin the other day....while sitting down. I'm not pregnant- just PhD brain ;)

    Congrats on the pregnancy!


  18. hahaha I loved the 30 minutes in a hour. :)
    I never heard of this before. But most of my friends with kids live far away and I don't get to hear about their day to day lives.
    Thanks for sharing.


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