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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My computer died

(don't worry I didn't actually do this to my computer,
the photo just represents what I would like to do to it!)

My computer died, and even my uber-geek husband can't get it going again. I'm going to have to drive it 2 hours to the store we bought it from to get the geeks there to retrieve my data. Even though I was sure I had backed up all my important images I still find myself without an alarming number of needed files. I am stuck with my slooow laptop until the computer doctors can bring my pc back to life. Isn't it a bit scary how much we rely on our computers now? I didn't even realise how much I needed it until it died.

Normal transmission will (hopefully) resume soon.


  1. That is my worst nightmare! I do mostly digital art so it's all on my computer. I don't archive as often as I should so I live in a state of constant anxiety over losing my images! Hope you computer is better soon and you can retrieve your missing images!

  2. GAH! I hate when that happens! Hope you get your much-needed files retrieved. Darn computers anyway!

  3. welcome to the club of luddites! :-)
    we are extremly dependent on PCs...my handwritting is getting worse for example :-)

  4. Ah, how I've longed to jam the keyboard through the monitor on many occasions...

  5. I feel your pain, man. My computer kicked the bucket a few months back leaving me only my crash-prone laptop. Hope you're up and running at full speed again soon!

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your computer crash. I hope that it can be revived. Your post has also reminded me that it is time for me to back up some of my work. Good luck!

  7. Mine was in the shop for 5 days and I panicked! love the photo you used.


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