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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Creative Overload

A few years ago I had creative block. On the rare occasion I had an idea I was too scared to make it happen. Then something changed, I can't quite put my finger on what did it but I started making my mice, and a stream of new ideas hit me constantly. I have a list so long of characters I want to make, but I also want to learn how to make other things too, and I have a house to keep clean and friends to stay in contact with.

Now I find myself with a whole new problem, quite the opposite from creative block, this is Creative Overload. I don't have enough hours in the day just for The House of Mouse business and home life, but I don't want to reject the new creative needs and ideas in my mind either.

How do you find the balance and time for everything you want to make and do, whilst still maintaining a business that is going well?

I suspect time management is important, but would love to hear any other tips you might have.


  1. I get like this too! I actually end up having insomnia when it happens and work myself to sleep. Although what you can do is write down the ideas for when you do have those blocked moments

  2. definitely prefer the creative overload to the creative block !!!!


  3. Use the creative flow as long as it lasts Mouse!! There are always down times:-(
    With me it goes up and down all the time! I can live with it:-)


  4. Usually, when I get this overload, I do nothing at all. Because I can'T decide what to do. Or I start 253 projects and - finish nothing so... I'm no help there, sorry :)

  5. I agree with Kreativlink. In times with creative overload, on top of housework and other daily priorities, I end up starting lots of projects which sit around half finished for weeks, or even months. The best thing to do is just store all the ideas, and each time you have a slow day, or any time at all, start one(and finish it!) You could either keep them in order by which is your favorite, or put them all in a jar and pick out a random one. I think that would be fun!!

  6. Thank you for your ideas everyone!

    The problem for me is I no longer get slow days, for me there is always 10 things to fit into the time it would take to do one!

    Stoic I love the Jar idea!!

  7. Oooh! I know what you mean! So many ideas so little time - I get a little cranky when this hits me! Usually I end up staying up all night until I've satisfied my "muse" that we've explored everything!

    Love your blog House of Mouse - big fan!

  8. Yes, creativity generates ideas; the more you create, the more ideas come to you. I make lists myself. My etsy business isn't successful yet, but I still work on it alot. Besides the kids and house. I make a to do list for each day and for the week. Then I can see my priorities, and I'm happy with myself if I get SOME of the things done!

  9. Deligate more,
    Write everything down, for your next creative block!
    Good luck!

  10. I guess that's a good problem to have, when business is so good. Is it possible you can get someone to help you with your creations during this busy time?

  11. Maybe you need a small vacation. When you come back everything will look better. Love your work and blog.

  12. Congrats on the sale of your beautiful painting!
    As for the creative overload, I too have a million more ideas than hands to make them or hours to make them in, especially with my little daughter running around. So I just keep drawing the ideas in a little sketchbook. Each time I pick one of my favourites from the book to make (or rather five or ten at the same time) and just see what happens. And I keep telling myself to enjoy the moment rather than thinking of what I'm not doing yet! 'Cause that's a killer, like K said...

  13. I agree with DutchSchoolKid and Paperfection: keep a journal or a log, and scribble in it every minute that you can. Your ideas will be there for you later, and once they're written down, it becomes clear which is the shiniest which should be completed first!


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