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Friday, April 18, 2008


This page is here for you to suggest any mouse ideas you have. I love to hear new ideas!

Looking forward to reading your suggestions! I will also be posting some of my own here too - just in case I lose my ideas journal again.


  1. Suggestions from others:

    Lord of the Rings Mice
    Marie Antoinette mouse
    Queen Elizabeth I. mouse.
    national mice: Spanish, Portuguese, German etc.
    cheerleader mouse
    gymnast mouse
    skydiver mouse
    Wizard of Oz mice set
    Disney princess mice
    Alice In Wonderland mice
    Peter Pan
    Dolly Parton
    punk rock mice, Ramones inspired? Social Distortion? Or even Misfits
    cop mouse
    firefighter mouse
    Clown/circus mice
    Sesame street mice
    mice dressed up for Halloween
    Backyardigans mice
    Football player mice?
    Twilight mice
    zodiac mice
    mice in food costumes like a mouse burger...bottle of ketchup....soft drink
    mice dressed in animal clothing, For example a mouse dressed as a wolf, a cat, an elephant, etc.
    A mouse with a flower around its head (like have its head poke out the center of a daisy, that sort of thing).
    A mouse in an egg for Easter.
    A 'stork' mouse, bringing a baby for a baby shower gift.

  2. Other ideas:
    Dalek Mouse
    Mouse Chess Set
    Terminator Mouse
    Comic book hero mice

  3. Oooh, I definitely want to agree with the Alice Mice and the Zodiac mice. :)

    I also really like the food costume mice idea xD

    Personally, I'd really like to see some fun pop culture references - like some mice based off comic book characters, or old-school anime (like "Sailor Moon Mouse")

  4. I was showing my husband your mice just yesterday and he said that he would love to see a Fireman Mouse...he is a fireman here in Missouri...a one track mind! Just thought I would share! Love them all!


  5. Einstein mouse.
    Great Queens of the past
    Elizabeth the first mouse

  6. Oooo a series of Great Queens mice would be awesome. Imagine a little Cleopatra Mouse.

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer mice
    3 Little Pigs mice
    Pikachu Mouse lol

    I like the Disney Princess mice idea. My daughter would love those!

  7. a robot mouse? something a bit futuristic, maybe?

  8. anything nursery rhyme and fairy tale.
    I'd love to see what you could do from one of my mice characters, the Mouser-kins™

    to see them visit here: www.Mouser-kinsMagic.com

  9. Oh, I LOVE Jennifer's Mouserkins!!... I vote for this idea, too! :)

  10. Major League baseball mouses like Derek Jeter mouse. Also Buffy the Vampire Slayer mouses

  11. I love some of the ideas here! Ah! And of course, most of mine have already been added...by others. I would love to see a "geek" mouse, maybe sitting at a mini computer. That would take a lot of work though.

  12. US Military mice! One for each branch.

  13. I do not know if you ave done the "Ninja Turtles" yet or not- I have done them a few times with my Catnip Boutique Mice, and will be featuring them again at Halloween! They were a hit in the local Pet Gift Shop I sold them in! I also do "Grinchy" and friends! They were a big hit last year at Christmas, and had to make them for the whole Vet's office!
    Marcia www.justcats.etsy.com

  14. An Obama mice would be cute and other past presidents.

  15. steampunk mice
    also some comicbook mice, I know you made an ironman one, that was so good. how about batman?

  16. Omigosh, Yes! A Batman mouse would be amazing. Maybe a Joker and Catwoman mouse too!

    I'd love to see a Jack Skellington or Sally the Ragdoll mouse. :)

    Or a Halloween mouse - maybe with a pumpkin head or holding a pumpkin?

  17. Have you ever made Star Trek mice? Maybe based o nthe new movie? I'm thinking a Dr McCoy mouse that has it's own hypospray or a Kirk mouse with a gold command shirt or Spock with pointy ears... It could be dead.

  18. am still waiting to see a little mouse with clogs on!

  19. How about a mouse dressed in hip hop clothes and listening to an ipod?!

  20. Hickory Dickory Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The clock struck one
    And the other filmed everything on his i-phone for the wrongful death suit!

    Seriously - Fairy Tale Mice would be lovely
    Little Red Riding Mouse
    The Three Billy Mice Gruff
    Jack and Jill (with their pail of water!)
    Goldilocks and the Three Mice

    Well - you get the idea!

    jcbsleep at yahoo dot com

  21. A mouse made to look like an author would be nice!

  22. How about a Strictly come dancing mouse - complete with skimpy sequin outfit and heavy makeup!!


  23. I would like to see a Halloween mouce or a V for vendetta mouse :p
    But all you idea are really great !!!

  24. A doctor mouse...a surgeon mouse...a priest mouse

  25. Characters from the movie The Matrix.

    Neo,Morpheus,Trinity,and Agent Smith would be cool :)

  26. Roman emperor mouse would be cool!

  27. hopefully this isn't considered sacrileges - but i think it would be wonderful to see a Nativity set of the mice - you know mary, joseph, baby jesus - you could even do a larger set with the shepherds and wise men... i think it would be very popular - a lot of people collect nativity sets - i know two people who do - i might even be interested in owning the smaller set

  28. what about the 3 stooges? LOL ooo have you done zorro? evita? mona lisa?
    (from @RebecaVelasquez on Twitter)

  29. The X-Men: Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut...

  30. Jordan mouse - tan, fake eyelashes, tacky outfit.

  31. Ooh, I really like the mouse chess set idea! It'd be great if you stuffed them with plastic pellets or something so they had more weight(better for playing).
    How about Church Mice? A priest with a Roman collar, a nun, a little alter server, or maybe a little mouse with a mantilla praying?

  32. I'd love to see a sweet fat mouse girl that has a measuring tape around her waist in her battle to lose a few kilos :) I think it would be a great inspiration for everyone that is on a diet!

  33. Mr Mapless the geography teacher with cord trousers and the jumper with the leather elbow and shoulder patches

    or anyone from the simpsons^_^ teehee <3

  35. Farmer Mouse... With hands in pockets, braces, hat? Chewing a bit of straw

  36. Looking at the current range to enter the compeition, I spied the Mr & Mrs Mouse set, would be great if you could put a listing up for 2 Grooms/2 brides for gay couples

  37. I'ld love to see a Sid Vicious mouse!!!

  38. I love your Doctor Who mice, and I think it would be great to see more of them! How about a Tom Baker mouse with a very long scarf?

  39. sargent pepper beatle mice. with their colorfull outfits and hats....and mustaches lol. i would def. be interested in those..:)

  40. Wow, Anna and Naomi,
    There are so many on here I like...but had not even thought of! I can only add....a Fleece Blanket Maker mouse?? hahahaaaa....
    You both are so clever...I am sure what ever you make will be wonderful!
    Best Wishes and Nose Nuzzles,

  41. Posting for Clare R:
    Like the idea of meeces in sheeps clothing... Baaa
    Meece in bunny romper suits? White fluffy ones with long standy up ears with just their faces coming through...
    My personal fave would be to see classic vintage celebrity mouses - Mildred pierce mouse - aka Joan Crawford....Grace Kelly Mouse in High Society, Bette Davis Mouse all lipstick and shoulder pads!

  42. Hi, Ladies,
    I think cards with some of the new "Message Mice" would be great....
    and with some of the plainer ones holding cards...like..
    Have A Mouse of a Day
    Have A Mouse of a Time
    Had a Mouse Over Lately?
    Just a note to tell you I am thinking of You.
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Easter
    Merry Christmas
    Mom, I love you
    Dad, can I borrow the car?
    It would be an easy way to make some more cash.
    Also, if you put several cards together in a Package...
    Like a wedding, baby, birthday, have a good day...all in a set.
    Cheaper to ship as a set.
    Well, anyway...
    have a good day.
    Best Wishes and Nose Nuzzles,

    posted for Yvette

  43. Open University Mouse with long hair, glasses, flares, beard and a garish shirt?

  44. Mouse for the horse races, with ridiculous hat!

    Posted for Kaja

  45. Albert Einstein Mouse! That would be cool! I would so buy him! :)

  46. Hi Anonymous - We have made an Einstein mouse before. You can see a photo of him here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thehouseofmouse/4802333181/
    If you want us to reserve one for you just send us an email to info@thehouseofmouse.co.uk :)

  47. From Martin:

    A House of Mouse Mickey Mouse Mouse!

  48. ~From froufroubijou:

    An architect mouse

  49. ~From froufroubijou:

    Moulin Rouge mice

  50. From kenziefrenzy16:

    Mozart Mouse

  51. Gone With the Wind

  52. maybe a dutch mouse

  53. -Flower Fairy mouse with bitty wings
    -A violinist mouse!
    -School child with a little square-ish backback and an itsy striped shirt :)


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