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Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're Baaaaaaack!! (and for a while there we weren't sure we would be)

After a lovely and restful holiday, Naomi and I were raring to get started again!

Unfortunately the Dutch Postal company that I use had other ideas. They have increased their shipping prices by up to as much as 70% on January 1st 2011 (not a very nice New Years present). Effectively making it impossible for me to ship small packages of mice from here in Holland, as very few people would want to pay $22.50 to ship one little mouse. We thought we were doomed (well, I did. Naomi is much better at being positive!). Especially after talking to the other postal services and discovering their prices are even worse.

Finally we found a solution. From now on I will ship my stock in large batches to Naomi, who lives in the UK. She will then mail out the mice when the orders are made.

This does mean that we will no longer be able to make orders as they come in, as some designs only I can make. We will have to wait until the stock is made and is in the UK before we can list them, which is a shame. But it does mean that shipping prices for you - our customers - have actually gone down as British Royal Mail prices are much more reasonable.

Naomi and I have plans for New Things this year that would not be affected by shipping costs. So we are taking this ridiculous shipping cost increase as a sign we need to focus even more on our new direction.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!
Anna and Naomi


  1. So pleased you worked a way round it. UK Post is going up in April but not enough to block your business.


  2. Wow!! Thats some price hike! But so glad that you were able to work around the problem. You are right that challenges sometimes make us take a new direction, which we might not have thought otherwise! :)

  3. I am glad to hear that this awful problem is solved! :-)

  4. That's very creative and I am sure it will work! Keep it up girls!

  5. Our US Postal rates are about to go up as well :( Maybe they will start getting things to their destinations on time for a change! I'm excited to see the New Things you are working on!

  6. That is a ridiculous price rise - how are small businesses supposed to cope?? I hope posting things to the Uk works out ok :)


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