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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interviewed for Expat Focus

As some of you already know; although I live in Holland I was not born here, I am British. I was recently interviewed for a website for other expats, discussing the highs and lows of running a business in Holland as an expat. If you would like to read more click HERE!


  1. Very interesting interview, really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Oh this interview is really good! When I worked in Westfalia Germany I also used an agent. There I needed to have a meeting with the BurgerMeister to give me permission to rent or own property in the town, then I would have to revisit that issue every 5 years to prove I was good resident alien. The agent does so much better with such meetings and paperwork...

  3. Great read and interesting to find out that you're also from the UK! I moved to Australia in 2000 but probably my move was easier as I had no language barriers!


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