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Monday, August 24, 2009

*Feeling very organized*

You might think I am nuts (if you didn't suspect it already) but I just finished my Christmas shopping and I am feeling very organized. Ever since I discovered Etsy I have tried to buy everything handmade whenever I can.

There are loads of bonuses to doing it this way:
1) I get something that is genuinely made with love and often completely unique
2) I am supporting other artists like myself and being kind to the environment
3) I spend a LOT less than if I went into the city to shop
4) No more struggling through the city crowds, I can shop, listen to the radio and drink tea at the same time!

The reason I buy so early is that I know how MAD the Christmas rush is on sellers (I will also be pulling out my hair trying to get all the orders finished in November/December!) so I avoid all of that by shopping in the end of August. Also, I want to make sure that everything has plenty of time to arrive with me in Holland, as I buy from all over the world. If something goes wrong with the shipping I have loads of time to sort it out with the seller.

If you are planning on shopping at The House of Mouse this Christmas, I encourage you to buy early too, especially if you are outside Europe because sometimes customs delay packages around the holidays. I am anticipating a lot of orders, and once November comes around I will not be doing any custom mice until after the Christmas rush. Please order early to avoid disappointment!


  1. I hate you. (really just horribly jealous)^-^

  2. I have collected my goodies during the year. Evry time I saw the perfect item I either bought or traded for it. So glad to able to shop this way :-D

  3. Good for you! I actually try to make most of my gifts and I haven't even started! I've thought about it...does that count? LOL!

  4. You go, girl!! I, too, will be buying lots of Etsy things this Xmas.

  5. I live for the day I can brag about how organized I am :) I think I'll do some my shopping at the shows I have this year.

  6. It never even crossed my mind to do it this way, what a wonderful idea!

  7. Wow - I am no where near that organized!


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