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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finding some balance - an update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in this post that I needed to find some balance between my business and home life. I am happy to say things are going quite well so far. I invested in a new iPhone which I now keep my entire schedule on, it even beeps at me when I need to do something - so no more wasting too much time on the computer! It also has all my various lists on it , so no more lost scraps of paper with important details on them.

I figured out a schedule and am to stick to it, which is having some great results! The house is much tidier, I am cooking healthy meals now, I haven't seen the inside of my microwave for weeks! I am also finding extra time for things I was too busy for before.

This year is getting off to a very good start, I have had several requests for blog interviews and even an article in a Dutch crafting magazine (I'll let you know when they are published) I have so many custom orders that I am selling faster than I can make them at the moment. It seems the House of Mouse is now unstoppable! I can't wait to see what happens next.


  1. Whooohoooo yay for the unstoppable future!

  2. Yeah!! Organization is such a freedom - I don't know that I would have admitted that a few years ago.... but I never realized how much low-level stress I had all the time as well. Good For You Mouse!

  3. That's fantastic! May your success continue! :) I like the look of the iPhones, but here in the UK, you can only use it on an 02 network, whereas I like to stick to Orange.

  4. Glad that someone is getting organized! Wish it were me!
    ...and you have been "tagged".....
    Here are the rules.
    1. Link to the person who tagged you.
    2. Post the rules in your blog.
    3. Write 7 random things about yourself.
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    5. Let each person know that they have been tagged!

    Hope that you can work this into a future blog....

  5. yay! balance is so important, and sometimes so difficult to find.


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